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Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital( SAMS&SPPH ,Affiliated Hospital of UESTC)

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Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital( SAMS&SPPH,Affiliated Hospital of UESTC),Located by the side of the Huanhua River and adjacent to the Qingyang Taoist Templein Chengdu, China.

Our History & Hospital rankings

SAMS&SPPH was established in 1941. Its predecessor,, the Sichuan Public Hospital, was the affiliated hospital of the Central University Medical School and in1952was renamed the Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. In 1989, it was rated as a National Tertiary Level Class A Hospital as part of for the first group of such hospitals in China. In 2002, the hospital merged with the Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences (formerly known as the Sichuan Branch of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences) and was renamed as SAMS&SPPH. In 2013, in collaboration with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) it set up the School of Medicine of UESTC and SAMS&SPPH became the affiliated hospital of UESTC. In 2020, SAMS&SPPH ranked 57th on the China’s Best Hospital List (FUDAN version), ranked 58th in the performance appraisal of Chinese 3A Public General Hospital and continues to maintain an A+ national monitoring index level.

Hospital Scale

SAMS&SPPH has 4,300 beds. It strives to uphold the following development concept: “multi-campus hospital,coordinated development, comprehensive promotion, highlighting priorities, encouraging progress through research and teaching and strengthening by introduction of talents”. The main campus of the hospital is developing in coordination with the Qingyang campus,Sichuan Provincial Medical Center for Geriatrics,Sichuan Provincial Medical Center of Mental Health (Wenjiang campus), Sichuan Institute of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases,Honghe campus(Eastern Hospital),Zhonghe Research Base (Institute of Medical Laboratory Animals),Wenjiang Research Base and Chengdu Railway Health School. A developmental strategy of integrating medical services, health care and teaching and research has been implemented.

Talent Team

SAMS&SPPH has 7058 employees and 1066 senior professional experts, with 200 individuals who have won a variety of talent titles at provincial and ministerial levels. Among the latter, there is one academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 17 national talents, 4 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the Ministry of Health, 45 candidates for special government subsidies of the State Council, 24 academic and technical leaders of Sichuan Province, 22 talents from the “Tianfu Emei Plan”and 12 talents from the “Tianfu Qingcheng plan”.

In recent years, SAMS&SPPH has made considerable effort to introduce high-level medical talents from both home and abroad to work in the hospital. Since 2017, it has introduced 20 domestic and foreign talents to work full-time, 9 domestic and foreign talents to work flexibly, and 59 domestic and foreign well-known experts as visiting professors and discipline consultants.

Featured Medical Technology & Modern medical equipment

SAMS&SPPH is approved by the State to carry out all types of solid organ transplantations and other clinical interventions. It is also qualified as one of the national stem cell clinical research institutes and their associated projects. It has molecular biology facilities and for identificationof genetic contributions to human diseases as well as separation techniques for human islet cells. It has modern medical equipment, such as the Da Vinci robot surgical system, “Tianji” orthopaedic surgery robot (TiRobot), extracorporeal membrane oxygenation life support system (ECMO), PET-CT and TrueBeam linear accelerator, etc. together with a large number of  diagnostic and treatment technologies and modern medical equipment.It also provides a variety of high-tech operations, including organ and cell transplantation, large vessel and valve replacement (TAVI, MitraClip), heart transplant and the first Chinese made "Artificial Heart" (implantable left ventricular assist device ), etc.

Discipline construction& Influence

SAMS&SPPH has a complete range of disciplines. Including 7 clinical key specialties,34 provincial medical key disciplines,4 key laboratories in Sichuan Province,3 national secondary medicine laboratories of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In 2020, SAMS&SPPH ranked 57th in China’s Best Hospital List (FUDAN version) and the Health management specialty has ranked second in the National Specialty Reputation List for four consecutive years since 2017. Clinical pharmacy is also ranked 5th nationwide and nephrology, emergency medicine, laboratory medicine, ultrasound medicine and general practice have been nominated (Top 20 in China).

In 2020, SAMS&SPPH ranked 77th on the Comprehensive List of Chinese Hospital Science and Technology Evaluation Metrics (STEM) and 18 specialties of the hospital were listed, such as ophthalmology and nephrology.

Featured Discipline & t Diagnosis and treatment unit

- Sichuan Provincial Emergency Center (Emergency Department) & Emergency medical rescues

- Sichuan Provincial Medical Center for Nephrology

- Sichuan Provincial Medical Center for Eye

- Sichuan Provincial Medical Center for Geriatrics

- Sichuan Provincial Center for Mental Health

- Critical Care Medicine Center

- Heart Center【including :Department of adult cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery Center,Sichuan Key Laboratory of ultrasonic cardiac electrophysiology and biomechanics, Department of cardiovascular ultrasound and cardiac function,Department of geriatric cardiovascular diseases, pediatric cardiovascular team, intensive cardiovascular team, anesthetized cardiovascular team, Heart Failure Center,Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases】

- Organ Transplant Center【including:Organ Transplant Research Institute, Key Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Translational Medicine of Sichuan Province, Multidisciplinary Surgical Team】

- Center of HBP surgery & cell transplantation

- Construction Unit of National Regional Medical Center for Neurological Diseases【Including:Neurology,Neurosurgery,Neurorehabilitation,Neurological Rehabilitation Treatment Unit,Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center, Neural Engineering and Neural Data】

- Pediatric urology/distinctive diagnosis and treatment unit in Department of Pediatric Surgery/Children's Medical Center

- MDT Center of Tinnitus, Deafness and Vertigo

- The Unit of Chinese Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Department of  Laboratory Medicine

- Health Management Center & Physical Examination Center (Health Management Research Institute)

Research Platforms & achievements & Key Laboratories

SAMS&SPPH hosts four provincial key labs, one Innovative Research Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, one Innovation Team of Key Field Research of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, one Out-of-hospital Innovation Unit of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and ten innovative Sichuan Province scientific research teams.

SAMS&SPPH has large multicenter research platforms located in Wenjiang, Zhonghe and Jianyang (with a total area of nearly 100,000 square meters in use or planned for use), comprising research facilities for animal experiments (including non-human primates), imaging, high-throughput sequencing, drug screening, mass spectrometry, gene editing, etc. Our platforms provide support for research across the board from cellular to molecular biology, nucleic acid to protein analysis, histopathology to live animal monitoring, etc.

Key Laboratories

- Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for Human Disease Genetics Research

- Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for Clinical Immunology and Translational Medicine

- Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for Ultrasound in Cardiac Electrophysiology and Biomechanics

- Sichuan Provincial Key Laboratory for Individualized drug therapy.

Innovative Scientific Research Teams

- Research Team of Human Disease Genetics(Innovation Team of Key Field Research of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Out-of-hospital Innovation Unit of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences)

- Research Team of Organ Transplantation and Immune Tolerance

- Research Team of Glomerular Disease Pathogenesis and Prevention

- Research Team of Atherosclerosis and Non-Invasive Ultrasound treatment

- Research Team of Atherosclerotic Plaque Vulnerability and Non-Invasive Ultrasound treatment

- Research Team of Infection and Skin Immunity

- Research Team of Retinal Damage Immunopathology

- Research Team of High Myopia Pathogenesis

- Research Team of Oral Biomedical Engineering

- Research Team of Oral Transplantation Engineering

Research Platforms & achievements & Key Laboratories

Since the "13th Five Year Plan", the hospital has been awarded more than 1700 scientific research projects at all levels, with a total scientific research funding of 400 million yuan, including 10 National Key Research Programs of China, 94 National Natural Science Foundation projects, of which the innovative research group project of the National Natural Science Foundation was obtained for the first time in 2021. As first or corresponding authors (including co-authors), the hospital has published more than 1800 papers in SCI journals including Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Gut, Journal of Clinical investigation, Genetics in Medicine, Cell Death and Differentiation, Annals of Surgery, Science, Science China Life Science and other top international  academic journals. More than 650 patents have been authorized and 52 patents have been successfully translated into clinical applications. We have received 45 National and provincial awards in science and technology, including the Second Class Prize Award of The National Science and Technology Progress for research on the genetic pathogenesis of retinal diseases and its application in disease prevention and treatment, and the First Class Prize Award of the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress for research on the genetic identification and molecular mechanism of hereditary blindness.

Education and Training Platform

SAMS&SPPH has a complete system of basic medical education, post-graduate medical education, and continuing medical education. As the affiliated hospital of UESTC (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), the degree programs involve undergraduate programs (Clinical Medicine, Nursing), Academic master's programs (Clinical medicine, Stomatology, Biology), Professional master's programs (Clinical medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing) and the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Engineering. It has more than 300 master’s and doctoral degree supervisors.

SAMS&SPPH has Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, General Surgery, Medical Intensive Care Medicine, Surgical Intensive Care Medicine,and Perinatal-neonatal Medicine specialisations authorized at the first level in the National Specialist Standardization Training Base. Additionally,we have the Specialized Physicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists in the Medical Institutions Standardization Training Base authorized at the first level in Sichuan Province. We  train more than 500 residents/pharmacists/nurses annually. At the same time,it is also a Provincial Continuing Education Base for Professional and Technical Personnel, a National Medical Practitioner Examination Base and a Clinical Practice Ability Assessment Base for Specialist and Resident Standardized Training and Completion of Resident Physicians in Sichuan Province. It holds over 100 continuing education projects at all levels and organizes clinical skill training and examinations for more than 7000 people every year.

International cooperation

SAMS&SPPH has built good cooperative relationships with medical institutions and universities in 28 countries and regions, including the Human Disease Genomics Research Laboratory established jointly with University of Utah, USA; the first domestic xenotransplantation laboratory established jointly with Harvard Medical School, USA; an ophthalmologist training center built in collaboration with Dean McGee Eye Institute, USA; the Quadripartite Agreement on the framework for strategic cooperation on medical 3D printing signed with EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems, Germany, Chengdu High-tech Industrial Development Zone and Sichuan Farsoon Turing Additive Manufacturing Technology Co. Ltd.

Foreign Medical Aid

SAMS&SPPH has actively completed various foreign aid medical tasks. In recent years, it has sent more than 100 medical personnel to Mozambique, Cape Verde, East Timor, North Korea, Nepal, Guinea-Bissau and other countries and regions to carry out medium to long term medical technical assistance and short-term free consultations. In 2016, the hospital was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Group for Foreign Aid Medical Work in Sichuan Province".

Hospital Spirit:virtue, perfection, refinement , strength

Hospital Vision:build to become a national excellent first-class clinical and research hospital