For Patients

Registration Guide

1、On your first visit we will make a JinKang Card for you. Please provide us with your address and phone number so that we can contact you if needed. Please bring your JinKang Card with you when you visit us again.
2、The medical record is the document about your medical condition.You could ask your doctor to document your medical condition in detail. For your return visit,please bring your original JinKang Card and the medical record with you.
3、If you have any questions,please go to the outpatient consultation department.
4、Different specialities require different registration tickets. Each registration ticket for the appointed doctor is only valid for one day and a return visit the following day requires you to register again.
5、Please go to the waiting area by elevator or escalator according to your registration ticket.You will be assigned to a consulting room by the triage nurses.Because there are so many patients,it would be greatly appreciated if you could keep quiet and stay in line.

6、After consultation,bring your doctor's orders to the cashier and make the payment,then go to the lab to take any required test or make an appointment for the test.