Vascular & Thyroid Surgery Dep

       Vascular&Thyroid Surgery Department is the first sub-specialty of general surgery in Chengdu. After years of development, there are 47 beds and 2 chief surgeons, 1 associate chief surgeon, and 2 attending surgeons. Now, the dept. can treat various kinds of vessels&thyroid disease, and many operations pioneer in the province, even in the southwest, fill the gap in province and the southwest area, which have reached the advanced level.

High and new technology

       In recent years, we have carried out a number of high-tech, difficult vascular surgeries, which has reached the advanced level. Especially the intracavitary intervention treatment of vascular surgery, which has the characteristics of curative effect of minimally invasive, provides more treatment options for vascular surgery patients. Placement of catheter intervention treatment of lower extremity deep vein thrombosis has proved successful.

Routine operation

       Our department has carried out carotid body tumor resection at room temperature without transferring, Neck vascular anastomosis, Artery inflammation (head arm type) the ascending aorta-axillary artery artificial vascular bypass, Artery inflammation (renal artery type) of celiac axis above abdominal aorta, renal artery great saphenous vein anastomosis;Common carotid artery and great saphenous vein anastomosis of artificial blood vessels, Chest surgical repair of aortic dissecting aneurysm breach, Abdominal aortic aneurysm resection, artificial vascular anastomosis, Radical surgery plus syndrome, Inferior vena cava - turn right ventricular artificial blood vessel flow, Inferior vena cava - superior mesenteric vein bypass surgery treatment Portal hypertension caused by superior mesenteric vein occlusion, all of which take the lead in the domestic use outside of femoral vein valve repair treatment of primary lower extremity deep vein valve insufficiency. At the same time, we are also skilled in the treatment of other peripheral vascular diseases, such as lower limb arteriosclerosis occlusion syndrome, venous thrombosis, k-t syndrome and other diseases.

       In the treatment of thyroid cancer, we apply standardized operation, I131and endocrine therapy, which has the advantages of less complications and definite effect. The patients of thyroid cancer increase every year, and after many years of practice, operation treatment of Primary and secondary hyperparathyroidismhas achieved a good therapeutic effect.