Ultrasound Department

       Ultrasound department in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital has a long and glorious history in disease diagnosis. At present, as one of the provincial key disciplines in the hospital, it is the quality control center of ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis center of Sichuan province. Our team is made up of 45 doctors, including 5 chief physicians, 2 associate chief physicians, 15attending physicians and 24 residents, technicians, and nurses, with 2 master tutors, 2 Doctor and 9 master. All of the staff are not only well educated, but also energetic and experienced .

       Our department is equipped with 23 color Doppler ultrasound and a variety of great probes, which can conduct different kinds of examinations, such as abdomen, superficial small organ, gynaecology and obstetrics, vascular and brain. On the one hand, we also have 24h emergency diagnosis, bedside examination for someone who cannot go to the department and intraoperative ultrasound; on the other hand, we also carry out some new techniques, for example, CEUS, interventional ultrasound, gastrointestinal ultrasound, musculoskeletal ultrasound. We receive 400000 patients per year , 1500~1900 patients one day.

       The Department vigorously encourage and support clinical research development.  We have undertaken 3 topics of the Department of science and technology, 10 projects of Sichuan provincial health office, 2 topics of Chengdu City Science and technology department. And we have been editor in chief of 3 monographs, the main translation monograph 1, publish 6 articles of SCI. Holding national ultrasound contrast, musculoskeletal systemannual continuing education courses and gastrointestinal ultrasound municipal continuation education training class.  We adhere to learning in department every Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon, including case analysis, lectures, English literature study.

Our characteristic:

       1)Ultrasound of superficial organs and soft tissues: the development of superficial lymph node, the trunk and limbs soft tissue, the orbit and eyeball, salivary gland, thyroid, breast, the scrotum and the peripheral nerve of high-frequency color Doppler ultrasonography.

       2)CEUS: Since 2007, ultrasonic microvascular imaging has been conducted on liver, kidney, paranephros, pancreas, spleen, gynecological disease and other abdominal .organs. Since 2009, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography has been conducted on eye socket, bulbus oculi, salivary gland, thyroid gland, mammary gland, testis and superficial lymphonodus organs. So far, our department has ranked among the top 12 national CEUS training bases.

       3)Musculoskeletal ultrasonography and interventional therapy: diagnosis of peripheral nerve diseases, shoulder, knee, children with congenital hip joint, tendon sheath, muscle disease. in 2011,we took the lead in the domestic to launch the interventional treatment  musculoskeletal system diseases with the ultrasound guided.

       4)Gastrointestinal ultrasonography:it is suitable for those who are not willing to do the examination of gastrointestinal endoscopes, with the patients reaching more than 30. It has become a routine examination before operation in the department of gastrointestinal surgery, and our department is also one of the gastrointestinal ultrasound training bases.

       5)Ultrasound-guided aspiration biopsy and treatment of various parts of the body: There has been a significant improvement in biopsy success rate (especially for aspiration biopsy of thyroid gland, breast mass and lymph node with the nidus less than 1cm). And meanwhile, puncture and drainage as well as sclerotherapy of various parts of the body have been conducted, for example, sclerotherapy of hepatic and renal cyst, sclerotherapy of thyroid cyst, and sclerotherapy of hemangioma on body surface.

       6)Ultrasound-guided radioactive seed implantation treatment: it applies the three dimensional system and ultrasound-guided localization system to implant seeds into the tumur or organs.

       7)prenatal ultrasonography: fetal NT measurement in pregnancy, fetalmalformation screening, fetal growth and development evaluation.

       8)Intraluminal ultrasound: we carry out transrectal dual plane of high frequency ultrasound in rectum, prostate disease, gynecological examination and biopsyby transvaginal ultrasonography.

       9)Infantile craniocerebral ultrasound: screening of intracranial hemorrhage in newborn, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, periventricular leukomalacia etc..