Thoracic Surgery

The dept. was founded in 1954 and is one of the earliest thoracic surgery departments in China. It is an integrated department integrating scientific research, teaching and clinical treatment.

Through 60 years’ development, the dept. now covers two wards: Thoracic Surgery Ⅰ ward and Thoracic Surgery Ⅱ ward, and have 80 beds serving 3500 inpatients and 10000 outpatients and emergency in 2013. Among its 50 medical staffs, there are 5 professors and 4 associate professors and 3 Ph Ds and 6 Master graduate students.

At present, our dept. offers treatment for all thoracic diseases, such as esophageal cancer, lung cancer, mediastinal tumors, tracheal tumors, chest trauma and other benign thoracic diseases. Our dept. performs the following operations: ①Esophageal Surgery: resection of esophageal carcinoma and cardia carcinoma, gastro-esophageal anastomosis; esophageal resection and Esophageal replacement with colon; Heller's opreation; esophageal leiomyoma enucleation; esophageal anti-reflux surgery; esophageal rupture repair; esophageal diverticulum resection and so on. ②Lung surgery: lobectomy; bronchial pulmonary artery sleeve forming lobes except surgery; pneumonectomy; lung segment resection; lung volume reduction surgery and so on. ③Tracheal surgery: tracheal tumor resection, carina resection arthroplasty. ④Diaphragm and mediastinal disease surgery: Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia repair, hiatal hernia repair, huge mediastinal tumor resection, thymoma resection, resection of the thymus. ⑤Thoracoscopic surgery: lung lobectomy and lymph node dissection; bullae resection and pleurodesis; benign lung resection; pneumonectomy of tuberculosis and  bronchiectasis; mediastinal tumor resection; thymectomy for myasthenia gravis whole; esophagus cancer resection; esophageal leiomyoma enucleation; esophageal diverticulum resection; esophageal myotomy; hiatal hernia repair; thoracic duct ligation; sympathectomy surgery; surgical correction of pectus excavatum. ⑥Mediastinoscopy: mediastinal lymph node biopsy.⑦chest wall and pleural cavity disease surgery: benign chest wall resection; chest wall tumor resection, chest patch angioplasty; chronic empyema decortication.

The dept. keeps improving in terms of clinical practice and maintains the leading domestic level, while aggressive in the field of scientific research, and commited to completing a number of national, provincial and other research projects. We will spare no efforts to make greater progress in research and teaching.