Stomatology Department

The Department of Stomatology was one of the earliest first-grade independent disciplines in China. It was established by Pro. Huang Tianqi, the first dental graduate of West China Union University, in 1941. By constant efforts of several generations, our department has developed into a top-ranking oral medical center integrating clinical treatment, teaching and scientific research. The department has been rated as an A-level medical center of Sichuan province.

To provide professional, comprehensive and high-quality oral healthcare, we have a medical team with excellent and close cooperation. The dept. consists of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Restorative Dentistry, Oral Medicine, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Specialist clinics of oral mucosa and periodontal diseases are also provided.

Our department has a group of advanced medical equipments of the world’s leading standard including twenty-eight Anthod’s comprehensive dental treatment units, dental x-ray unit, pantomography unit, dental cone beam CT, dental microscopes, dental ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus and etc.. The outpatient department provides the following dental service: minimally invasive tooth extraction, dental aesthetic restoration, microscopic root canal therapy, apexification for young permanent tooth, periodontal sequential treatment, periapical / periodontal operation, porcelain-fused-to-metal(PFM) / all ceramic crown / all ceramic veneer restoration, immediate / delayed implant denture, DSD digital smile design, space maintainer for early loss of deciduous tooth, early treatment for children malocclusion, orthopedic treatment, youth / adult orthodontic treatment, invisible orthodontics, lingual orthodontics, etc..

The number of outpatients reaches 75,000 per year. In order to provide safe and secure medical service for our patients, our department strictly follows the ISO9002 standard of sterilization, using disposable gloves and other disposable instruments, sterilizing medical equipments under high temperature and pressure, thus keeping the medical instruments and equipments from contamination and preventing patients and medical staff from infection.

There are 35 hospital beds in maxillofacial surgery department, where more than 1000 surgical operations are carried out and more than 1400 inpatients are taken good care of each year. In this department, dental services that we have are carried out are as follows: maxillary functional reconstruction, repair of jaw defect, rigid internal fixation of Jaw fracture, orthognathics, distraction osteogenesis, maxillofacial benign tumor excision, combined radical surgery for malignancy etc., including our unique surgery: transcatheter arterial chemoinfusion(TACI) for malignancy, superselective catheterization and embolotheraphy for angeioma, combined tissue flap and vascular pedicle skin flap for reconstruction of tissue defects, comminuted fractures taxis by the coronal incision or local small incisions. It is well-known that the latter will not cause any surgery scars, and minimize the change of the patients’ facial appearances after the surgery.  

Our department is technically strong with reserves of medical talents. There are 38 doctors in our department including 8 chief physicians (1 national second-level expert, 2 national third-level experts and 5 national forth-level experts) , 15 associate chief physicians, and 18 nurses, amongst whom there are 5 Masters and 18 Doctors of Medicine and 4 master supervisor. A quite number of physicians take important positions in the Department of Chinese Stomatological Association, and Sichuan Province Stomatological Association. We have undertaken 29 scientific researches of national and provincial/ministerial level. In recent years, we have published more than 150 papers in domestic and foreign medical journals, including 38 SCI papers and 6 EI papers. We have also been awarded the third prize in science and technology by Sichuan Province 3 times, the second prize of progress in science and technology by Sichuan Province Medical Association and the second prize of progress in science and technology by Chengdu City 1 time and third prize 2 times. There are many other honors as follows: the advanced basic level CPC branch directly under the CPC committee of Sichuan Provincial Health Department in 2006; the advanced earthquake relief working unit during the Wenchuan Earthquake in May 12th, 2008, awarded by Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital in 2008; the outstanding basic level CPC branch demonstrating the Three Represents Spirit, awarded by the CPC committee of Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital in 2010; the excellent department in management by Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital in 2012, etc..

The academic leader Wei Fei, director in charge, male, born in October 1969, is a chief physician, medical doctor, MBA master, master supervisor, youth committee member of Chinese Physician Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Branch and of Chinese Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Branch of Stomatological Association, the academic leader of Sichuan Provincial Health Department, the director of Sichuan Province Stomatological Association, the outstanding committee member of Sichuan Province  Physicians Association and of the Head and Neck Branch of the Anticancer Association of Sichuan Province, the deputy chairman of the Oral Medical Quality Control Center of Sichuan Province and of the Professional Oral and Maxillofacial Committee in Stomatological Association of Sichuan Province, the group leader of Stomatological Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetic Association of Sichuan Province,the committee member of the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Association of Sichuan Province, the designate chairman of the Stomatological Branch of the Chengdu Medical Association,a member of the Expert Database of the Medical Malpractice Identification and Hospital-grade Evaluation of Sichuan Province, an editorial committeeman for the Journal of Hospital Clinical Utility,the Journal of Chengdu Medical College and the Journal of Modern Clinical Medicine, a member of the International Association for Dental Research, now has had more than 50 papers published in domestic and foreign journals,2 books published as an editorial committeeman,more than 10 scientific research of national and provincial/ministerial level done as the leader or member. He has also been awarded the third prize of progress in science and technology by Sichuan Province, the second prize and the third prize of progress in science and technology by Chengdu City. Besides everyday work as an oral and maxillofacial physician, he dedicated himself to exploring the new technique in flap reconstruction operations after maxillofacial tumor excision, maxillary functional reconstruction, orthognathics and immediate implantation.