Renal Department

       Renal Department was founded in 1975. It is one of China's earliest independent disciplines. Under the leadership of the well-known nephrologists, Prof.Yang Xiuchuan, we firstly launched the hemodialysis in the west and imparted the skills to the Southwest China. Since 1982 when the Chinese Society of Nephrology was founded, our dept. has been the member of its Standing Committee. At present, our dept. is the Grade A key discipline of nephrology in Sichuan province, the Health Ministry’s clinical pharmacology base, the nephrology center of Sichuan province, the professional medical quality control center of Sichuan Province, Health Ministry’s peritoneal dialysis training center, Sichuan provincial hemodialysis nurse specialist training base and the core unit of National Clinical Medicine Research Center for kidney disease. In 2012, we were identified by Ministry of health as "National Key Discipline". Our dept. has become an important base of Nephrology clinical, teaching and research base in Sichuan province.

       There are 138 medical professional staff in our department, including 30 doctors, 106 nurses, and 2 technicians. Among them, there are 7 professors/chief doctors, 6 associate professors/associate chief doctors, 11 attending doctors, 6 residents, 2 doctor’s tutors, and 3 master's tutors. Our staff participated in the establishment of a number of national guidelines, practice specification for diagnosis and treatment and standard operating procedures.

The renal unit consists of three renal wards, a hemodialysis center, a peritoneal dialysis center and an institute of nephrology. There are 166 beds in all; the existing equipment is worth more than 30 million, including 108 hemodialysis machines, 11CRRT machines, the world's top Lauer water treatment equipment, body composition measurement instrument, automatic peritoneal dialysis machine and lab equipment for pathological diagnosis and scientific research.

       We have a lot of clinic, hospitalized, HD and PD patients. Annually, there are about 5000 inpatients, 60000 outpatients and 66000 times of blood purification treatment. In 2013, there are 427 maintenance hemodialysis patients and 300 peritoneal dialysis patients. We are specialized in diagnosis and treatment of glomerular disease and critical renal disease, renal pathology, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and vascular access. We have a team of skilled experts with rich experience and have a high reputation in the southwest area. The survival rate of difficult and critical cases has reached 95.6%.

       The hemodialysis center is the earliest center in the southwest region and has the most mature treatment system. We have cooperated with American Baxter company and German Fresenius company and have been utilizing the world’s advanced experience of management and treatment technology. We carry out continuous quality improvement (CQI) process and use scientific methods to improve the survival rate and life quality of hemodialysis patients. The center was rewarded the third prize of scientific and technological achievements of Sichuan province. Experts in the center participate in establishment of hemodialysis specification of Ministry of health. The high-level skill of establishing vascular access is one of our features, from various temporary and permanent catheterization to various types of AV fistula, helping a lot of hemodialysis patients to maintain their "lifeline" and many regional hospitals to solve difficult cases with vascular access problems. We perform more than 800 cases of A-V fistulae operations and over 900 cases of temporary and permanent catheterization annually.

       Peritoneal dialysis technology is well-known as a scientific, rigorous, standard technology with good patient education and close follow-up. It is another sophisticated renal replacement therapy for chronic renal failure patients.

       We have established a chronic disease management system of kidney disease for close patient follow-up, including standard treatment, scientific monitoring, disease consultation and health guidance. It has been widely praised by patients and lots of nephrologists.

       Renal pathology lab is another feature. Our renal Institute has a professional pathologist and renal pathologists, and is equipped to completely meet the needs for pathological diagnosis. It is the only institute that closely combines the clinical and pathological diagnosis of renal disease in southwest China. The diagnosis level has reached the domestic advanced level. We also accept kidney biopsy specimens from other hospitals, and made important contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of glomerular diseases in Sichuan province.

       There are four master’s tutors, who recruit graduate students every year. The center has been doing resident standardized training of the internal medicine and internship teaching for many medical schools. Every year, we accept a large number of nephrologists and nurses from all over the country for continued education. Besides, we hold conferences on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and renal pathology to train talents for all levels of hospitals in the province.

       In recent years, with the continuous improvement of talent echelon construction, the scientific research has made a major breakthrough. There are more than 20 scientific research funds being undertaken in all, including 1 subject of the national 973 project, 5 funds from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 key provincial projects and many ministerial and national provincial and international cooperation programs. The amount of fund is more than 5 million RMB. We have published more than 150 articles, including over 40 articles indexed by SCI, 1 patent and 3 monographs. We have won one 2nd prize of the national science and technology achievement, one 3rd prize of scientific and technological achievements in Sichuan Province, and one 1st medical science and Technology Progress Award in Sichuan province.