Radiology Department

       Radiology Dept. consists of 101 medical staff, of whom 7 hold senior title, 13 vice senior title, 27 with intermediate title. There are 1 medical academic leader of Sichuan provincial health department, 3 graduate tutors, 2 PhD and 23 postgraduates. Currently there are 9 experts serving as vice chairman, member of the Standing Committee, secretary, communittee member and so on in Chengdu, Sichuan Provincial and national academic communitees of radiology department. 3 research projects are above provincial and ministerial level. 7 research projects are in progress. 30 papers are published annually, of which 2 articles are SCI.

       At present the department has 4 sets of MRs, 6 sets of CT, 10 sets of DR and 4 sets of DSA machines. Many of them are imported from famous companies abroad.

       Based on the development of HIS RIS and PACS system introduced in 2006 by Fujitsu Company to manage hospital information and picture arcihving or transmition, the work is more convenient and stable.

       Now more than 1500 patients are examined per day, 900 with X-ray, 500 with CT, 180 with MRI, and 10 of them are examined and treated with DSA.