Mastology Department

Mastology Department was founded in 2005. Today, there are 39 beds and 11 doctors in the department, including 2 professors and 2 associate professors, one with doctor’s degree and six master’s degree. There are 12 nurses, including 1 professor of nursing and 11 senior nurses. The dept. is the leading department of Sichuan Province Anti-cancer Association and the Mastology Group in Sichuan Province Medical Association. The dept. is the leader in the treatment of breast diseases in Sichuan Province, with over 30,000 outpatients and 600 cases of breast cancer surgery are performed each year.

It can perform comprehensive breast surgeries, including Halsted Radical Mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, simple mastectomy, breast conservation therapy, sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast reconstruction, and Mammotome, etc.  It’s the central department of breast cancer MDT in this hospital, with breast surgeons, radiologists, sonographer, pathologists, oncologists and rehabilitation doctors. The breast cancer MDT can provide comprehensive medical services for breast cancer patients, including early diagnosis, imaging-guided biopsy, surgery, (neo) adjuvant chemotherapy, target therapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, rehabilitation and etc.

The dept. began to run the breast cancer tissue bank in 2012, which collected and preserved the tumor samples. Meanwhile, there is a nurse responsible for patients’ follow-up. These works have strongly supported scientific research on breast cancer.   In 2008, it ran the first GCP program and currently, there are 12 GCP programs, including 1 international program. There are 6 research programs in the department and 3 SCI papers.

The dept. puts emphasis on further study, and several doctors have been sent to MD Anderson and University of Miami. Doctors attend important symposiums every year, including ASCO, ST. Galen, etc. Several breast cancer centers have built collaborative relationships with the Mastology Departments both at home and abroad.