General Practice Center

       The hospital began the project of General Practice (GP) in 2007. After assessment of the Ministry of Health and Department of Health of Sichuan Province, the residency training program of General Practice started to recruit residents in 2008. To actively practice “Guiding opinions of the State Council on the establishment of a system of general practitioners”, in 2011, the hospital successfully obtained a fund of 30 millions RMB from the National Development and Reform Commission plus local supplement to build the GP residency training facility. An American MD specialized in GP was introduced to the hospital to lead the team to set up the General Practice Center (GPC), a GP clinical training center in the large general hospital. In 2014, the GPC obtained a fund of 5 millions RMB to purchase training equipments, and subsequently obtained another fund of one hundred thousand USD from the World Bank to support minority general practitioners to be trained in the center.

       The GPC is a comprehensive center integrating clinical practice, educational activity and medical research. The center was upgraded as the first class department in the hospital in 2013. It consists of the out-patient, in-patient and community health services with 7 full-time and 42 part-time teaching attending physicians including 30 professors, 16 associate professors and 3 assistant professors. Up to date, the 3 year program has recruited 62 residents (54 residents in training). The center trained 300 job-transfer GP trainees. The GPC also accepts trainees in advanced training physicians, senior medical students and interns overseas. In addition, the center hosts a class of GP continuing educational program.

       The GPC received multiple honors, including the first prize of the national campaign to prevent stroke in patients with cardiovascular complaints in 2012, the first prize of the competition of clinical skills in GP residents of Sichuan Province, the yearly awards of outstanding residency programs for 5 years. The center conducts several research projects. A fund from the National Science Foundation was granted in 2014. The GPC pays attention to academic communication and sets up collaborating relationship with the Primary Care Research Institute (PCRI) of the State University of New York and the department of family medicine of the Baylor Medical School in the United States. A few international seminars were held in the center.

       The GPC integrates national and international experiences, works out GP residency training rotations combining eastern and western styles, and establishes the evaluation and quality control system. Residents graduating from the program possess favorable humanistic quality and solid clinical knowledge and skills. The GPC welcomes all trainees in different types.

       Contact information: Tel 028-87393959; 028-87394762