Obstetrics & Gynecology

The department of obstetrics and gynecology is a key unit in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, as well as the most comprehensive technical force in the whole obstetrics and gynecology of Sichuan province. It has a strong health care team of 270 medical staff, including 54 doctors (10 chief physicians and 14 deputy chief physicians), 4 laboratory technicians, and 212 nurses. 11 of the medical staff have doctoral degree and 29 have master’s degree. 5 chief physicians, who are also academic and technology leaders, candidates and master advisors, are awarded special allowance by the State council; 12 doctors are serving as vice chairman and committee members at the national, provincial and municipal academic groups. 7 doctors serve as the deputy editor, managing editor or editorial board members in a variety of journals, including the representative core journals. More than 40 articles were published per year in this department, which has received more than 10 research projects at all levels, including the National Natural Science Fund. All are progressing well.

This department is the key department which is engaged in medical treatment, research and education. In recent years, it has developed in specialty and scale, and its comprehensive strength came out on top during other hospitals in Sichuan province. It has strong technology strengths and advanced medical equipments. All medical staff, who have been sent to domestic and international well-known medical institutions for further study, have overall excellent professional quality and technical skills.

Medical Conditions:

The deppartment is equipped with advanced infrastructure facilities with nearly 310 inpatient beds, including 210 beds for gynecology and 100 beds for obstetrics. It has six sectors: Caotang gynecology, emergency gynecology, obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis center, assisted reproductive medical center and outpatient clinic. The whole department enjoys powerful comprehensive strength and its management is strict and orderly, providing a good medical environment for the patient to achieve the best therapeutic effect. Physicians are vocationally proficient with rich clinical experience. The chief physicians and deputy chief physicians are good at common, frequently-occurring and difficult diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. It is divided into expert and specialist clinics, respectively including general gynecology, gynecologic oncology, infertility, reproductive endocrinology, high-risk pregnancy, genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis. The annual outpatient is about more than 200,000.

Professional Scope:


The dept. is experienced in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of various gynecological diseases. It pioneers in stage operation and radical surgery with standard specification, as well as chemotherapy of effective regulation for cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancer.

Our department has treated a lot of cases with all types of gynecological cancers and improved the survival rate of patients and the quality of life. Our department is now to carry out various difficult surgeries and minimally invasive surgeries, such as laparoscopic radical hysterectomy, para-aortic and pelvic lymph node dissection, hysterectomy, ovarian cyst excision, myomectomy. As for related incontinence surgery, TVT-O procedure, PROLIFT whole pelvic floor reconstruction, anterior sacral fixation surgery, we has accumulated a wealth of experience, improving and perfecting the method in clinical practice, with a very good therapeutic effect.


The dept. is skilled at perinatal health and medical care, especially good at a variety of high-risk pregnancy screening, care and treatment. Extensive experience is shared in the diagnosis and treatment of dystocia, high-risk pregnancy and obstetric complications. We are able to diagnose and treat various kinds of pathological obstetrics diseases with well-appointed obstetric emergency rescue techniques and equipment.

We undertake the rescue work about urgent and heavy pregnancy in our province, successfully rescuing a lot of critically ill patients including amniotic fluid embolism, pregnant women with heart disease, heart failure, postpartum hemorrhage, disseminated intravascular coagulation, acute fatty liver of pregnancy, severe preeclampsia, HELLP syndrome. Obstetrics in our hospital have took the lead in epidurals, companion delivery, homely ward in Sichuan to achieve maternal psychological comfort, emotional support, help in life, spending this special delivery period safely, smoothly and pleasantly.

The full-time neonatologists are responsible for newborns, so that high-risk children can receive timely rescue at birth, improving recovery rate of neonatal asphyxia and reducing the incidence of serious complications. To ensure early detection and early treatment and reduce the impact of the disease on children's IQ and population quality, we will comprehensive screen of newborns for hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria and hearing impairment. We have conducted newborn swimming and massage therapies which play an irreplaceable role on the early psychological, physical and intellectual development.

Obstetric clinic has opened a special school for pregnant women, taking one-stop tracking service mode from prenatal care-hospitalized childbirth-discharged.

Prenatal Diagnosis Center:

To further improve the obstetric services, our hospital conducts prenatal screening technology and eugenic genetic counseling. Currently, our department carry out the second-trimester prenatal screening for Down syndrome, neural tube defects in prenatal screening for trisomy 18, 13 trisomy prenatal screening, prenatal ultrasound diagnostic imaging, etc.

On this basis, prenatal diagnosis has been gradually carried out and the prenatal diagnosis center was founded. To provide better and more comprehensive services for the entire general reproductive women in Sichuan, even the whole state, the center could perform amniocentesis chromosome examination, umbilical cord puncture cell culture chromosome, abortion chromosome, genetic counseling and countermeasures processing services.

Reproductive Center:

The center has specialized laminar flow operating rooms and a series of advanced equipment of international standards.

The items currently available for diagnostic and treatment services include infertility from tubal factors, ovulation problems, female endocrine factors, irregular menses, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), male infertility from oligospermia, azoospermia, or immobile spermatozoa, testicular biopsy, semen freezing, follicular monitoring, egg freezing, trans vaginal ultrasound, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), test tube baby (IVT-ET), Intracytoplasma sperm injection (ICSI), Artificial Fertilization (IUI &AID), blasocyst culture, embryo freezing.

We offer corresponding different therapies for infertility caused by different reasons, obtaining success rate of artificial insemination up to 20%-30% and Test-tube baby up to 55%-60%, which ranked at the top in the world.

Clinical Research:

In recent years, we have been actively developing new technologies, projects, and research. In the last three years, we have got 15 items of the National Natural Science Foundation, Sichuan Provincial Health Department and the Science and Technology Agency projects. Meanwhile, we did a lot of clinical research on obstetrics common disease and published more than 200 papers in major journals. There are a number of techniques to fill the gaps in the province.

The department has become an important base for medical research in Sichuan. Adhering to the spirit of "virtue, excellence, refinement, excellence", we will, as always, implement the practical guidelines “benevolent mind and heart, salvation compassion and love, high quality and efficiency, convenient service and quality” with continued enthusiasm and sustained effort in practice with the quality policy.


Our department undertakes the work of intern teaching in Chendu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, North Sichuan Meical College, Luzhou Medical College, Zunyi Medical College, Chengdu University etc., completing professional education by integrating theory with practice, improving training of basic clinical thinking.

Now the department is a provincial residency standardized training base and trains more than 10 standardized obstetrics and gynecology residents for basic hospital every year, the graduates have received high praise from their employers. Furthermore, the department accepts more than 30 doctors from all levels of the national hospitals for continuing education in obstetrics and gynecology, completing the teaching work of standardized treatment and advanced business learning.