Multi-organ Transplant Center

It is one of the few centers in China which combines multiple clinical transplantation programs with hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery as well as urology and endoscopic surgery. The liver and kidney transplant programs have been legally permitted by the Ministry of Health.

The center was established in March 2007. Under the leadership of Professor Yang Hongji who is an organ transplant expert returning from Canada, it has developed greatly in just a few years. In the beginning, there were only 5 surgeons, 5 nurses, and 8 beds. As of June 2015, there are more than 71 beds. Moreover, surgeons in our center mostly got MD degree.

In the field of transplantation, we continue forging ahead, having filled a number of gaps in the province. In 2007, we successfully implemented the first case of living related donor laparoscopic nephrectomy in Sichuan province. In May 12th, 2008, during the Wenchuan earthquake aftershocks, we managed to complete the kidney transplantation according to the original plan. By the end of 2008, we implemented the first case of recipient who suffered from renal failure caused by crush injury in earthquake using living related donor renal transplantation. In 2009, we implemented the province's first case of organ donation after brain death. And we successfully completed one liver and two kidney transplants using the donated organs. In June 2009, the first specialized organ transplant outpatient clinic was opened. In 2010, we successfully started the Sichuan Province organ transplant specialist nurse training base.

At the same time, we also challenged many difficult transplant operations, including living donor renal transplantation with various artery variations; renal transplantation with pure red cell aplasia anemia; pediatric unilateral double kidney transplantation; pediatric reduced size liver transplantation using donation after brain or cardiac death (DBCD) donor liver; second time liver transplantation etc. At present, we have made significant efforts in the field of the DCD/DBCD organ donation project in Sichuan province and have a leading position as far as both quality and quantity are concerned.

We offer a set of advanced comprehensive surgical treatments of hepatic tumor and tumor of bile duct, pancreatic tumor, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer and so on. For example, as for the liver cancer patients, we are able to provide them with a full range of integrated treatments including liver transplantation, liver resection, TACE, radio frequency ablation etc.

We have performed a variety of difficult hepatectomy, using ultrasonic knife including two-stages of liver cancer resection (ALPPS), resection of the caudate lobe of the liver, resection of the tumor of head of pancreas with violation of the mesenteric vessels by using vascular reconstruction.

We also carry out radical nephrectomy or nephron sparing nephrectomy, radical cystectomy and ileal neobladder, radical prostatectomy and other advanced surgery to ensure the quality of life after surgery and the best curative effects and long-term survival.

In endoscopic surgery, we have a number of surgical techniques that are of the domestic leading level. In September 9th,2014, the director of our department Yang Hongji used the recently introduced Da Vinci operation robotic system which was the first set both in our hospital and in Sichuan province at that time to successfully performe a case of cholecystectomy, which was a milestone meaning the minimally invasive surgery in our hospital having entered a new robotic era.

Afterwards, we have completed the robot liver resection, biliary enteric anastomosis; pelvic neurovascular bundle preserving total cystectomy, obtaining excellent results.

Besides, we also carry out: laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic choledochotomy and laparoscopic splenectomy, laparoscopic common bile duct exploration, also completed complex laparoscopic surgeries such as laparoscopic right hepatectomy, laparoscopic cholecystojejunostomy etc.

We also conduct transabdominal lumbar approach laparoscopic living related donor nephrectomy, laparoscopic radical nephrectomy, laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, laparoscopic anatomical adrenalectomy, adrenal mass resection, laparoscopic ureterolithotomy laparoscopic pyeloplasty, hepatorenal cyst unroofing decompression, retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, ureter and percutaneous nephrolithotomy etc.

In addition, green laser in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in our hospital is one of the earliest projects in southwest China. We also perform transurethral resection of prostate, transurethral enucleation of the prostate, the benign prostatic hyperplasia patients get fast, minimally invasive and effective treatment.

Moreover, we conduct radiofrequency ablation of liver cancer, renal cancer and so on. Compared with traditional operation , radiofrequency ablation therapy is simpler, less time consuming, less invasive with high accuracy, good safety as well as significant curative effects and can be used repeatedly . Ablation procedures can be ultrasound-guided through percutaneous route; it can also be carried out in the laparoscopic or open surgery, which is a new method of treatment in accordance with modern minimally invasive concept. It will definitely provide effective treatment for more patients.

We also have an affiliated research department, which is a newly founded multi-disciplinary scientific research base full of vigor and vitality. It is composed of cells laminar Research Office, Laboratory of immunology, molecular biology, cell biology, pathology and experimental animal research. And in cooperation with the Harvard University USA, we have introduced much advanced technology ideas.