Orthopaedic Surgery

       The Orthopaedics of Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences &Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital isolated by the older generation of well-known orthopaedic expert Xitu Xie president in 1955. The department is one of the key disciplines of Sichuan Province, National orthopaedic residency standardized training base and a unit of medical, teaching, scientific research. This department with national influence is the leading orthopaedic unit in Sichuan Province. This department with many experts and advanced sophisticated medical facilities presently has three wards with 200 beds, 112 medical staffs including 30 physicians (10 chief physicians, 8 deputy chief physicians, 5 attending physicians, 7 resident physicians). Adoption of the integration of new ide-as"outpatient-hospitalization-Surgery-Rehabilitation" as daily run, the department provides com-prehensive one-stop services for orthopaedic patients. In pursuit of technical excellence, medical practices, quality assurance as the core of orthopaedics, to treat severe problems for the expertise, the department has seven sub-specialties: orthopaedic trauma, spine surgery, joint surgery, arthro-scopic surgery (sports medicine), bone oncology, foot and ankle surgery and orthopaedic rehabili-tation.

       Joint surgical treatment technology has reached the domestic advanced level by conducting pioneering semi-artificial hip joint replacement surgery in the Southwest of China since 1970s. All physicians have been to Europe and other advanced countries receiving training and study, with frequently international exchanges. For joint osteoarthritis (degeneration), rheumatoid arthritis, bone necrosis, deformity, dislocation, trauma, infections and other joint diseases, joint surgery has done surgical treatment of thousands of patients by using a variety of the most advanced technology achieving very good result. Where thousands of patients with the hip, knee, shoulder and other joint arthroplasty, hundreds of refractory complex in joint replacement revision surgery, treatment techniques and ideas with international standards, all get excellent results. For the treatment of diseases of the knee, the joint surgery department explores a treatment system with significant effect. On the treatment of developmental dysplasia of the hip from children to the old, from the simple to the complex, our department takes periodic treatment, which achieved good results and unique in China.

       Spine Surgery has the advanced level in Sichuan Province. Since the 1980s, pioneered in the province for scoliosis Harrington rod orthopaedic surgery, the department carried out the anterior and posterior neck, thoracic, lumbar spine surgery earlier comparing to other hospital in Sichuan Province. Open surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery have been widely carried out. Sur-gical treatment for trauma, degenerative, deformity, tumor, tuberculosis has also been carried out. Rehabilitation is given on the basis of surgery. In Sichuan, spine surgery was first carried out using the cervical lateral mass screw fixation, atlantoaxial pedicle screw fixation, thoracolumbar deformity pedicle osteotomy (PSO technique), thoracic and lumbar spine whole tumor resection (en-bloc), disc endoscopic lumbar discectomy (MED) and so on. Earlier in the province the de-partment carried out artificial disc replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery, lumbarspondylolisthesis, osteoporotic compression fractures percutaneous kyphoplasty (PKP) and so on.

       Orthopaedic trauma inherites the fine tradition, insists advanced treatment concepts and technologies, has accumulated rich experience in multiple trauma, open fractures, osteoporotic fractures in basic research and clinical treatment. In recent years, the minimally invasive technique widely used in the limbs and pelvic fractures, greatly reducing the complications, shortening treatment cycles, relieving the suffering of patients, the treatment has advanced level in the region. Meanwhile, the department has extensive experience in the treatment of the open wounds and multiple fractures, fractures in elderly patients and other complex problems.

       Bone oncology department is mainly for benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors. We are highly professional in the treatment technology. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with radical surgery based on international standards and comprehensive treatment of bone and soft tissue primary malignant achieved good effect. The cure rate and the success rate of limb salvage for the treatment of osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma, synovial sarcoma and malignant tumors were similar with international Cancer Centers. The department makes breakthroughes in the salvage treatment of the pelvis, sacrum, and huge malignant tumors of the shoulder girdle. Pelvic tumor resection and reconstruction has become a routine in Tikhoff-Linberg surgery and limb-sparing resection extra-articular reconstruction surgery. Because of treatment ladder system for Limbs metastatic cancer, the quality of life of cancer patients has been greatly improved. Moreover, the pain has been effectively relieved.

Arthroscopic Surgery (Sports Medicine) has made considerable progress in recent years. Advanced technology has been used in arthroscopic knee and shoulder maturely, including trim-ming meniscal suturing or angioplasty, knee ligament reconstruction and cross medial and lateral ligament rupture, habitual shoulder dislocation’s joint stability reconstruction, shoulder labrum repair, shoulder rotator cuff repair etc and achieved satisfactory results.

       Foot and ankle surgery is focusing on foot and ankle, specialized research and treatment for traumatic ankle bone and joint disease, deformities and other issues, so that patients can receive the appropriate treatment.

Orthopaedic rehabilitation has introduced the Hong Kong hugely successful International advanced idea of rehabilitation, formed the integration of orthopaedics-rehabilitation treatment modalities. This work mode is in the form of rehabilitation team. Rehabilitation team consists of orthopaedic rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and orthopaedic division, rehabilitation nurses and physician surgeons. In the face of all orthopaedic patients, it constitutes a seamless connection to surgery, so that patients after receiving orthopaedic surgery the first time get rehabilitation intervention, to provide effective protection for the successful re-habilitation after surgery. Orthopaedics-rehabilitation integration model greatly reduces the recovery time of patients with orthopaedic surgery, significantly improved postoperative function.

       As the province's leading orthopaedic unit, the provincial hospital orthopaedic specialists play an important role in the national and provincial academic community with high academic status. They serve in Chinese Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Chinese Orthopaedic Association and the Chinese Interactive Medicine Associationas members of the Standing Committee and Committeemembers. In the Medical Association of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Associa-tion Rehabilitation Medicine, Sichuan Province Interactive Medicine Association, Sichuan Prov-ince Medical Association, Chengdu Medical Association, respectively, they hold a post as president, chairman, vice chairman of the Standing Committee, members and so on. They serve in a variety of academic journals, such as "Chinese journal of Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery", "Journal of Arthroplasty" (Chinese version), etc. as the editorial board. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in 2003 became the graduate training base including one Ph.D. supervisor, two supervisors of postgraduate, and dozens of graduate and postgraduate students. The department assumed dozens of national, provincial departmental level research projects, which also act as lead personin the National 11thFive-year Plan period 863 key projects.

       Department of Orthopaedic Surgery conducted extensive domestic and international exchanges and cooperation. Health care staff had been chosen to send many departments in Beijing, Shanghai and the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Singapore and other developed areas of learning training exchanges. Cooperation with France to develop new artificial knee has made great progress. The establishment of Sino-French cooperation with the French orthopaedic training center provides continuing education and training after graduation for our country's orthopaedic surgeons. Orthopaedic specialist from France and Europe often take turns visiting, to discuss the cases, the diagnosis and treatment of patients with our department orthopaedic surgeons, providing international leading technology medical services for patients in the province.

       Department of Orthopaedic Surgery undertake large-scale national and provincial disaster relief missions, a number of earthquakes in recent years, such as "5.12" earthquake, "4.20" earth-quake in Lushan and made important contributions, awarding many times by the national, provin-cial and municipal. The department serves as orthopaedics quality control center in Sichuan Prov-ince affiliated units, medical units bear Sichuan operational guidance, supervision, guidance and other tasks industry standards.