Otolaryngology & Head & Neck

       The dept. is the specialty of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital and there are four sub-disciplines, including ear, nose, throat and head-neck surgery with 71 beds. The amount of emergency and outpatients reaches more than 150,000, discharges patients more than 2,600, and more than 2700 cases of surgeries. There are 6 chief physicians, 9 associate chief physicians, and 1 doctoral tutor, 2 master tutors.


       The dept. focuses on the clinical diagnosis and research of common, multiple and difficult diseases and do a lot of work in the field of teaching, research and clinical work, promoting the introduction of advanced technology, digestion, innovation and development, and actively developing new technologies and new theories. The dept.  carries out the following services: surgeries of resection and reconstruction of head and neck cancer, sleep monitoring techniques, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty surgery, carbon dioxide laser treatment of early laryngeal cancer and precancerous lesions, minimally invasive, endoscopic surgical treatment of chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, radical surgery of the lesion and hearing, reconstruction of chronic suppurative otitis media and cochlear implant surgery, and audiological assessment and hearing rehabilitation.


       Leica microscope, CO2 laser machine, STORZ Endoscopy System, Medtronic power system, Bien-air otology drill, bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy, laryngoscopy, stroboscopy, acoustic rhinometry and rhinomanometry, voice assessment systems can provide patients with good service.


       Science and Technology Progress Award of Chengdu City by the expert appraisal of the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Department ; the leading promotion of domestic level and in the province ("basic and clinical research of Sinonasal tumors " (2013); and departments achieved Sichuan Medical Science and Technology progress Award (" basic and clinical research of Head and neck cancer " (2012), ); The dept. undertook 14 research projects, including 9 provincial projects, 5 hospital projects; published 186 scientific papers, including 42 papers of core journals; editted two professional books .