Urology Department

An Profile:

In 1941, the former School of Medicine of National Central University and the former Health Department of Sichuan Province built Urology Department. In 1952, the Central People's Government took over the Sichuan Provincial Hospital, and established the new Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital located next to Qingyang Taoist Temple in Chengdu. In 2002, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital was merged with the Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences authorized by the People's Government of Sichuan Province, became one of the earliest domestic professional discipline of Urology. The dept. has seventy-four years of history until now and consists of three parts, which are out-patients department (included Expert and Specialist Clinics), Specialist Diagnosis and Treatment Wards (included Urodynamic Room, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy Room and Outpatient Therapeutic Room) and in-patients department. It is equipped with various types of medical and surgical equipment and instruments, including the transurethral plasma dipolar resectoscope, laparoscopic surgery system, rigid ureteroscope, removable-type flexible ureteroscope (the earliest and unique in western region of China), percutaneous nephroscope, Green laser (the earliest in western region of China), Holmium: YAG laser and the da Vinci surgical robotic system (the unique in Sichuan Province). There are one hundred and forty-two inpatient-beds in the divisions, and the annual out-patient patients exceeds 93000, annual surgical cases exceeds 6500. There are fifty-seven medical workers, including seven employees with title of a senior professional post, seven employees with intermediate professional title, ten employees with graduate degrees. Among them, Pro. Pan Ci-kang, Pro. Chen Zhao-xiang, Pro. Qiu Ming-xing are renowned experts of urology nationwide.

New Techniques of Minimally Invasive:

Since the 80's and 90's of last century, urological minimally invasive technique has been widely applied in the department of urology and is developing continuously. The department has applied the new technologies as follows: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL, 1988~present), rigid ureteroscopy(2003~present), pneumatic ballistic lithotripsy and electrohydraulic lithotripsy (2003~present), percutaneous nephroscopy(2007~present), laparoscopic surgery set (2008~present), Holmium: YAG laser technology(2010~present), flexible ureteroscopy(2012~present) and da Vinci® robotic surgical technology(2014~present). The three major minimally invasive technologies of laparoscopic surgery, translumenal endoscopic surgery and robot-assisted surgery have reached the leading domestic level, and benefits patients and society. The personnel have been tracking and always keep abreast of the international frontier of development of basic and clinical urology to the best of their ability, have participated in the preparing, reviewing, evaluating and promoting the Guidelines of the Diagnosis and Treatment for Urological Diseases of Chinese Urology Association (CUA), to keep pace with the levels of urological care in Europe and North America. Meanwhile, the dept. has comprehensively carried forward and revised the construction of talents team and subspecialties to form structural optimization, with high capacity and innovative echelon personnel and several domestic famous subspecialties, and perform clinical translational researches focusing on the commonly and frequently encountered diseases and some difficult and complicated cases. Currently, the scientific, standardized and specialized principles of diagnosis and treatment have been fully established, and the highest quality of care and the best clinical results have been obtained. 

The Research & Education:

In the last three years, the personnel of the dept. have successfully applied 1 fund project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), one fund project supported by the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, eleven fund projects supported by the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, twelve fund projects supported by Hospital Science And Technology Support Programs, the cumulative research fund are ¥2.969 million, formed five advantageous research directions with certain grants, including the related research of urological repair and reconstruction technologies (1976~present), the related research of percutaneous nephroscope technologies (2007~present), the minimally invasive research of extraperitoneal laparoscopic nerve sparing radical prostatectomy (2008~present), evidence-base medicine studies and its translational and applied research in andrology (2007~present) and the application studies of robotic technology in urological surgery (2014~persent). Moreover, the dept. is in charge of multiple clinical drug trials and clinical applied studies of medical device as the drug clinical trial institution of national SFDA.

In the last three years, the personnel of the dept. have published more than sixty academic papers, including four papers of Science Citation Index (SCI) journals, sixty-one papers of Medline Indexed, Chinese Core Periodicals or China Science Citation Index (CSCI) journals, and wrote and published seven Academic Monographs with editor, deputy editor and the editorial units, including the Practical Methodology of Evidence-Based Medicine (1st edition) with deputy editor earned the Second Prize for the 13th Excellent Books Exhibition of University Press in Central South. Two technical achievements of the study of kidney fixation for nephroptosis by means of the pedicled muscle psoas major with muscle film petal (2007) and the study of surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence (2007) have successfully obtained the project achievement appraisal of the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province.The scientific research achievements have access to the Second prize for Sichuan provincial scientific and technological progress award (2000), the First prize for Sichuan provincial scientific and technological progress award (2010) and the First prize for Chengdu city scientific and technological progress award (2011).

The dept. is one of the Key Discipline of Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital (2004~persent), Residency & General specialist training base in Sichuan Province (2008~present) and the First-Class Key Discipline of Sichuan Province (2014~present), and the systematic and complete educational system is fully established, which include postgraduate education, specialist training and medical continuing education, residency & general specialist training, domestic and international academic exchanges. The urological discipline was the unit granting master's degrees of Zunyi Medical College and Luzhou Medical College, the unit granting doctorates of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. There is one Doctoral Supervisor and three Master Supervisors, seven master degree candidates have received trainings here. Meanwhile, the dept. has successfully applied and hosted six national and provincial continuing medical education programs or workshops, been in charge of clinical teaching tasks of undergraduate, postgraduate and international students from several universities, trained specialists in urology for junior medical units continuously, and been providing talents' support for the improvement of healthcare level in total province.

Academic Appointments:

There are multiple academic appointments in department of urology, including the Vice Committee Director of the First Urological Expert Committee for Physicians Branch of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine (CAIM) of Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA), the Committee Member of CUA, the Committee Member of Urological Branch of CAIM, the Deputy Director of the Southwest Minimally Invasive Technology of CUA, the Chairman of Urological Professional Committee of Sichuan Association of Integrative Medicine, the Vice Chairman of Urological Professional Committee of Sichuan Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Anthological Professional Committee of Sichuan Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Urological Professional Committee of Chengdu Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Urological Youth Committee of Sichuan Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Anthological Youth Committee of Sichuan Medical Association, the 9th Round Academic and Technical Leader of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the Editorial Board Members, Peer Reviewers of editor for seven SCI, PubMed or CSCI indexed academic journals and so on.