Pharmacy Department


       The dept. is the clinical pharmacist teacher training base and the clinical pharmacist training base of National Health and Family Plannnig Comission of China. It is also the Sichuan lead unit of INRUD China central group, China Food and Drug Administration clinical trial institutions, traditional Chinese medicine pharmacology and pharmaceutics level 2 laboratory of state administration of traditional Chinese medicine of China, quality control center in Sichuan province pharmaceutical administration(Area 2), adverse drug reaction monitoring center of Sichuan province and the location of Sichuan ZhengDa material medical institue.In 2013, the pharmacy department was approved as the "National key clinical specialist" construction projects by National Health and Family Plannnig Comission of people’s republic of China. The research labortory was renamed as institute of clincal pharmaceutical in 2014.The department is the master’s degree authorization of medical school, university of electronic science and technology of China,owns one  doctorial tutor and 23 master tutors(11full time master tutor and 12part time master tutors).

Profession and technical capability

       The dept. is composed of quality control office, drug supply office, pharmacy office, pharmaceutical office, PIVAS center, clincal pharmacy office, drug research office, National clinical trials agency and pharmacy department office. The department has advanced instruments and equipments, such as automatic box the drug delivery system, autodrug dispensing machine, HPLC, HPLC-MS, ABI5500LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, automatic immunoassay analyzer, Siemens VIVE-E analyzer, low temperature centrifuge, ABI PMGTM,ABI real-time PCR, E-gel imager, traditional Chinese medicine multifunction extracting tank, triple effect concentrator, spray dryer, and so on. The total value of the equipment reaches over 20 million yuan. The pharmacy department is based on the routine drug supply. In order to provide services for clinic, the department improves the quality of hospital pharmacy services, expands the connotation of disciplines and working hard on the work of clinical pharmacy, pharmacy emergency, pharmacy research, service method change, team building, medical institutions and other aspects of work. In addition, the department is responsible for providing guidance, supervision and training at all levels of the hospital under the assignment of health administrative departments. The clinical pharmacy work is highly influential in the country because of the all aspects of work. The clinical pharmacy team also provides various forms of drug counseling services for the patients. The outpatient pharmacy takes the lead in dispensing drugs on the counter in Sichuan Province. The inpatient pharmacy provides quality and professional services for patients by placing a single dose of the drug. The pharmacy department is the first to prepare and supply the parenteral nutrition centralized and guide the platform construction in the province. The dept. has become the medical institutions preparations center of Sichuan Province through medical institutions preparations research and industrialization. Department of Pharmacy involves in Sichuan Province Pharmaceutical Administration Quality control evaluation work in long-term, which more than 700 hospitals participating. This work is responsible for organizing all levels of the hospital for various inspection, supervision, training. Under the leadership of Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province, our supervision, management, evaluation, guidance and training work play a central role in improving the technical level of Sichuan province pharmaceutical administration and management levels.

Research capability

       These research areas of pharmacy department is at the domestic leading levels. Our department has undertakn more than 50 items, including Science and Technology Key Projects, 973 Project, National Natural Science Foundation, Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Platform project, Sichuan Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Project, Sichuan Science and Technology Support Project. Furthermore, we have published more than 400 papers in recent years, 30 of our published papers were cited by SCI, more than 10 patens licenses were obtained. We also published 50 monographs. Many staff delivered academic lectures on international conferences. We try to promote the development of the discipline and lay the foundation for further improving the level of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy management.

Academic level

       The dept. has many professional and technical personnnel, including 8 chief pharmacists, 22 deputy chief pharmacists, 12 doctors, 39 masters and 57 licensed pharmacists.15% of our staffs have senior professional titles and above and 65% have bachelor degree. In recently three years, some academic posts have been held, including 9 national academic committee, 2 provincial chief members, 4 provincial deputy chief members. Many academic leaders of our apartment go abroad for academic exchanges, such as University of Aberdeen, Edinburgh University, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, the University of Western Ontario, Canada, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and so on. The discipline level of our department have been spoken highly of by national and regional counterparts. Academic leaders participated in the compilation of a number of national key disciplines guide, pharmacy regulations, standard operating procedures, clinical pharmacy bases and scoring criteria, hospital grade assessment criteria and National Science and Technology Major Project.

       Since 2008, pharmacy department has successfully held 6 national continued education program named National training for clinical pharmacists’ practice skills. 3,000 clinical pharmacists from over 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions have participated in this meeting which becomes a great communication platform for clinical pharmacists. The dept. has hosted the Chinese medical Association of Clinical Pharmacy Branch 2014 National Conference from 25 to 27 of April, 2014 (CSCP2014). Over 110 leaders from ministry of health and experts in clinical pharmacy have made presentations or posters at this meeting, and 6,000 colleagues have attended this meeting.

       The dept. is the teaching base for qualification of clinical pharmacists, qualification of supervisor clinical pharmacists, postgraduates program, visiting students’ program, pharmacy student internship. Being the only facility qualified for teaching clinical pharmacists and supervisor clinical pharmacists and trial spot for clinical pharmacist system in western China, 100 clinical pharmacists and supervisor clinical pharmacists have successfully been graduated since 2007, and now they are making their contribution to clinical pharmacy throughout the country. Pharmacy department currently works with University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chongqing Medical University, Luzhou Medical College etc. to carry out program for postgraduates, visiting students and interns, and by now, 16 postgraduates, 160 visiting students and 300 interns have successfully been graduated.

Academic Leaders

       Rong-sheng Tong

Chief Pharmacist, Ph.D, Professor and Ph.D Supervisor

Dean of department of Pharmacy, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences &Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital and the chief of research institute of clinical medicine

Dr.Tong is vice chairman of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association clinical evaluation research branch, the standing committee of Chinese National Association Clinical pharmacy, the deputy secretary-general of Drug Treatment Monitoring Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society, member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association special committee of Hospital Pharmacy, member of Chinese Hospital Association Pharmacy Administration special committee, chairman of Sichuan Provincial Medical Association special committee of Hospital Pharmacy, vice chairman of Sichuan Provincial Hospital Association Pharmacy Administration special committee, Pharmaceutical Society of Clinical Pharmacy, Sichuan special committee and Sichuan Provincial Preventive Medicine Drug Application Security Branch. He is also the vice president of Chengdu Pharmaceutical Association and chairman of Chengdu Pharmaceutical Society of Pharmacy Administration special committee. Meanwhile, he is the asssociate editor of “The Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology” and “China Pharmacy”,the editorial board of “Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacy” and “Chinese Journal of Hospital Pharmacy”. He carried out a number of innovative work in clinical pharmacy and hospital pharmacy discipline construction. He has won the National Labor Medal, National Excellent pharmacists, advanced individual relief and the annual awards honor outstanding figures. He undertook more than 10 items, including Science and Technology Key Projects,973 Project, National Natural Science Foundation, Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Platform project, Sichuan Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Project, Sichuan Science and Technology Support Project. Furthermore, Dr.Tong published more than 150 papers, 15 of published papers were cited by SCI, more than 4 patens licenses were obtained. He was also editor or editorial board of more than ten monographs.