Ophthalmology Department

       The department of ophthalmology is rated as the Provincial Key Subjects in Sichuan Province and the center of eye disease control and prevention. The department consists of clinical ophthalmology, ophthalmic laboratory, blindness prevention office in Sichuan Province, and ophthalmologist training base in Sichuan Province. It is a modernized department which combines medical treatment, education, scientific researches and blindness prevention. Clinical parts include outpatient and inpatient facilities (3 parts), laser center, refractive surgery center and eye bank center. Patient care is provided in eight subspecialty areas of ophthalmology, including refractive surgery, corneal/conjunctival diseases, glaucoma, cataract, retinal and vitreous diseases, strabismus, orbital and oculoplastic diseases and blindness prevention. Now we have 113 beds available. The annual outpatient number is 150000.

       The advanced medical equipments for inspection and treatment help establish a large and strong base for this department to facilitate medical treatment, education and science research. These ophthalmic and optometric equipments include phoropters, confocal scanning laser retina angiography machine, fundus digital camera, excimer Laser, multi-wave fundus laser, phacoemulsification machine, anterior YAG laser, electrophysiology system, corneal topography, A/B scan, as well as humphery automatic perimeter, optical coherence tomography, non-contact tonometers and femtosecond laser for cataract and refractive surgery.

       It is also strengthened with a team of diligent talents. There are 2 academic leaders of Sichuan Province, 1 back-up candidates and 8 graduate supervisors in this team. It is made up of over 21 senior ophthalmologists and 6 attending ophthalmologists specializing in ophthalmological disease diagnosis and treatment, including cataract, vitreoretinal disease, glaucoma, strabismus and amblyopia, corneal disease, lacrimal apparatus disease, as well as ocular tumor and plastic surgery. Its proficiency level of eye surgeries such as femtosecond laser surgery for myopia, femtosecond laser assisted-cataract phacoemulsification, corneal transplantation, microphacoemulsification, intraocular contact lens implantation for high myopia, , refractory glaucoma and cataract surgery, optic nerve sheath incision decompression, complex orbital forming and eye, various kinds of complicated vitreoretinal surgeries is highly advanced in Sichuan Province and even in the country.

       Physicians and basic scientists conduct an active program of research into the mechanisms and treatments of eye diseases. Research is ongoing into problems of high myopia, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma, retinopathy of prematurity, and inflammation and viral infections of the cornea.  Support for research is provided by grants from the National Natural Scientific Foundation of China (NNSF), the Science and Technology Bureau foundation of Sichuan Province, the Foundation Fighting Blindness and by the Sichuan Provincial People’s hospital Foundation. We have the faculties who are the editorial members of 6 ophthalmology books and have published more than 300 academic papers in oversea and domestic journals including SCI journals and national Chinese core periodicals. We have achieved many prizes for progress in science and technology at national, provincial and city levels.

       Additionally, we actively carry out the international cooperation and exchanges. Since 2002, we have established a close relationship with Dean McGee Eye Institute. A training base of ophthalmologist has been established through the efforts from both sides. Then, we cooperated with the ORBIS and established the Sichuan Provincial Children’s Eye Center and the Sichuan Provincial Eye Care Telemedicine Center. We are dedicated to promoting academic exchange of ophthalmology between China and America, expanding basic and clinical research, promoting the development of blindness prevention, spreading blindness-prevention knowledge, and training ophthalmologists in Sichuan province. Increasingly, international delegations of ophthalmologists and vision researchers travel to visit our department for conferences, continuing education, and research symposia.