Institute of Dermatology & Ve

        Institute of Dermatology & Venerology is a medical research institution affiliated to Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences & Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital. It is the largest medical center for dermatology and venerology in Southwest China, engaging in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin and venereal diseases. It is also a scientific research and training center for skin and venereal diseases in Sichuan Province. According to different sub specializations, the institute is made up of five major departments.

Department of Dermatology

       The department of dermatology was founded in the 1950s. Authorized by the hospital, the department of internal medicine of dermatology was founded in 2005. After development for half of a century, the dept. has obtained great academic attainments in clinical medicine, teaching and research and is well-known in Southwestern China.

       A number of experts and scholars of great attainments are working here, including 3 Chief physicians, 8 associate Chief physicians, 6 attending physicians, 5 residents. There are currently more than 5 students pursuing Master’s degree and more than 10 doctors from other hospitals attending advanced studies every year.

       In the last ten years, the number of patients treated annually has increased with the growth rate of over 10%. The total number of outpatients for the department is over 200000 annually. The experts of the department work every day for patients.

       There are 48 beds for patients in the department. The ward is equipped with favorable conditions. A large number of experts and scholars of great attainments are working here. The total number of inpatients for these hospitals is over 1500 per year. The difficult and serious patients were diagnose and treated appropriately and the rate of healing and improving is more than 90%.

       After more than sixty years’ development, the department of dermatology has achieved great academic attainments in clinical medicine, teaching and research and is well-known in Southwestern China. In the development of the future, the department will continue to work hard and make more contributions to the development of the local.

Department of STD

       The STD department was supported by the Sichuan Province health department key fund from 2000 and awarded as Sichuan Province key disciplines of medical Agrade title. From the beginning, experiment and clinical apparatus such as CO2 incubator, ultra-low temperature freezer, biological safety cabinets, fluorescence microscopy, OLYMPUS multi-headed microscope, fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument, SNK / CZ181 high frequency focused ultrasound treatment, ALA-PDT therapy device were supplied by the unit, also an AIDS screening laboratory and a AIDS diagnosis laboratory were founded, the total expense was more than one million yuan. The department also builds a reasonable talent echelon formation consisting of onepostdoctoral, one PhD, 10MD, 5 professors and 8 assistant professors. In addition to carrying out a variety of sexually transmitted diseases pathogens laboratory testing, non-intervention chronic prostatitis treatment , cryotherapy, STD testing, counseling services and other conventional treatment technology , also carry out HIV screening and diagnosis test, focused ultrasound in treatment of vulvar neoplasm, ALA-PDT photodynamic therapy in treatment of condylomaacuminatum. These techniques provide a strong guarantee for STD and AIDS in a timely and effective diagnosis and treatment. The number of annual outpatients is more than 50000, and the annual neoplasm surgery is more than 1500 cases of vulva.

       During the construction of key department, 40 research projects of STD, AIDS diagnosis, treatment, detection and prevention intervention were established, including  7 international cooperation project during 2006 ~2009, 1 Ministry of health and the provincial science and technology department project, 6 provincial health department and personnel department funded projects, 10 optional projects. The total funds are more than 1 million yuan. A second grade provincial science and technology award and one 3rd grade Sichuan Province medical science and technology prize were achieved by our department. 38 papers were published in the journals at the provincial level or above, including 2 SCI articles with the impact factor of 2.7 and 2.54. As chief editors and associated editors, we published 6 books. From 2010 to 2013, one new National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund Project, one project funded by the Nation Ministry of health and the provincial science and technology department and 4 projects supported by the provincial health department were established and received more than one million yuan. One project was approved as an international advanced level organized by the provincial science and technology department and hosted by the provincial health department. A 3rd prize of science and technology progress was won.

       Since 2004, we began to recruit postgraduate students from Luzhou Medical College. Until now, 13 postgraduate students were recruited and trained. We are also responsible for the STD and AIDS training program of Sichuan province and from 2010 ~2013,5 training classes at different levels were held, including 4 provincial level. In 2014, 1 national level training class was organized.

Department of Dermatologic surgery

       The department of dermatologic surgery was founded in Nov. 2011. It’s one of the earliest dermatologic surgery departments in China. In 2006 it was awarded as the Key Discipline of Sichuan Province(first grade) and in 2010 it passed the reevaluation while at the same time acquired the first domestic publication of Dermatologic Surgery. Furthermore, the staff has obtained 7 official proved research achievements, including one with international leading advanced level. In addition, the surgical tools invented by our staff have acquired two patents.

       The experts in dermatologic surgery department cover subjects of cosmetic and plastic surgery, dermatology and laser treatment. The team is composed of highly-educated elites. The leading professors are expert in plastic surgery, Pro. NingPan, and expert in dermatologic surgery, Pro. Gengwu Dai. There are over 30 persons, among whom there are 3 professors and 5 associate professors, 2 postgraduate’s mentors, 2 with PHD and 6 with Master Degree.

       The dermatologic surgery department has two main sectors, one located in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital while the other in the institute. The therapeutic sections include Dermatologic Surgery OR, Laser Treatment Center and Cosmetic Injection Center. Many advanced devices, including laser(fractional, semiconductor, CO2, wave length of 595nm, 755nm, 1064nm, etc.), photodynamic therapy, vitiligo therapeutic device. Each year, over 2000 operations are performed with 2000 laser treatments.

The main operations include:

       1. Scars, especially in keloid and atrophic scar after acne.

       2. Benign tumor, including huge congenital nevus and other lumps on skin.

       3. The removal and reconstruction of malignant skin tumor., such as using Mohs surgery to treat BCC, SCC, Bowen’s Disease,etc.

       4. Cosmetic-problem disease, such as acne, xanthelasma, syringoma, plane warts and verruca vulgaris, etc.

       5. Pigmented disease, such as vitiligo, pigmented nevus, tattoo, etc.

       6. Plastic and cosmetic operation, such as double eyelidplasty, removal of eye bags, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, reduction mammaplasty, bromhidrosis treatment and deformity correction.

       7. Cosmetic injection, such as hyaluronic acid, autologous fat, botulinum toxin.

       8. Combination of different laser to treat skin problem.

       9. Vascular disease, such as hemangioma, varicose veins on lower limbs.

Laser medical center

       Laser medicine is an emerging discipline both at home and abroad nowadays. The laser medical center of our hospital, a leading institution in Southwestern China, was established in 1997, and was rated a national demonstration base of medical cosmetic skin as well as a Candle laser training base in June 2013. After fostering the long-term academic exchanges with the laser center of Vanderbilt University, led by Professor Michael H. Gold (Secretary-general of the International Society of Dermatology Surgery), we set up the intense pulsed light–laser workstation. Currently, our laser center owns the following advanced equipment, such as the Q-Switching 755nm laser and pulsed dye laser (Candela Laser products), 308nm excimer light, moonlight vacuum hair-removal equipment (LightSheer Duet, Lumenis product), intense pulsed light (HARMONY XL, Israel-based Alma Lasers Ltd. product), Black doll equipment (COSJET, WON Technology Co., Ltd. product), shallow X-ray, CO2 laser, helium-neon laser, etc.

Department of disease control

       The disease control department was founded in 1960s, mainly taking responsible for the disease control of leprosy and STD at the provincial level. Now six stuff work in this department. The tasks of leprosy control include epidemiological monitoring, case diagnosis, treatment and management, rehabilitation, training, monitoring and supervision. The tasks of STD control contain training and supervision of standardization of diagnosis and treatment of STD.

       The international cooperation of leprosy control has been in progress for several decades, including the cooperation with the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, International Leprosy Association, Damien Leprosy Foundation in Belgium, Sasakawa Charity Foundation and WHO, in terms of Leprosy Elimination Campaign (LEC), rehabilitation, early case detection and researches. STD control had cooperated with MSD China, England-China STD control programs in terms of stuff training, STD and HIV prevention and control.

       A lot of scientific researches have been conducted in the past 5 decades; many awards were obtained, such as the 1st class national award and the third class provincial award of science & technology progression.