Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cent

       Hyperbaric oxygen was applied in Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital in the 1970s. Since updatement 3 years ago, the center is equipped with a group air pressure chamber with capacity of 30 patients. The design concept, equipments and facilities of the oxygen chamber has achieved the domestic advanced standard that includes not only safety, inflaming retarding and both inside and outside non-toxic decoration materials, but also fire water spray system, extravehicular soft shaft air-conditioning and wetting device of oxygen. The chamber is equipped with emergency oxygen supply system, subatmospheric pressure suction device and tracheotomy oxygen inhalation device. Operation station is equipped with communication intercom, emergency calling system, multiple television screen monitoring system, etc. The chamber can accommodate 30 people who are treated at the same time; meanwhile staff can observe the treatment outside of the chamber. More importantly, it can implement routine therapy and urgent rescue of critically ill patients. It also has a normal atmospheric oxygen cure chamber which patients can enjoy the elegant environment during the treatment, the chamber for baby and for animal also available in this center.

       Hyperbaric oxygen therapy center in Sichuan Province People's Hospital was appointed by the hyperbaric oxygen medical quality control center of Sichuan Province. It is one of the three clinical training base for the hyperbaric oxygen doctors, nurses and technicians in Sichuan  Province and managing the people who work in hyperbaric oxygen department clinical training and professional advance in Sichuan Province.

       Our staff includes six doctors and thirteen nurses. We also have thirty beds for in-patients which is located on the tenth floor of the 3rd building. Our quality of medical treatment is very powerful. The chief physician Pan Fuqiong now is a member of the standing committee of the hyperbaric oxygen medical branch in Chinese medical association, and the director of the Sichuan provincial hyperbaric oxygen medicine quality control center. Dr. Zeng Xianrong, director of our center, is one of the master tutors in Sichuan Medical University (Luzhou medical college) and a chairman of the hyperbaric oxygen medical branch in Sichuan provincial medical association, and also a member of the cerebral resuscitation hyperbaric oxygen branch in Chinese medical association. She has been working as a neurologist for almost thirty years. She once visited and studied in Sweden and Denmark at one time or another.

       Our staff always adheres to three principles: "safety first, prevention always, service well" for the purpose of curing every patient in an advanced way.

       What is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

       Simply speaking, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure to treat disease. HBOT can treat 60 kinds of diseases associated with ischemia and hypoxia.

       Indications for HBOT: all kinds of poisoning gas, such as CO poisoning, hydrogen sulfide poisoning, hydride poisoning, free ammonia-induced intoxication, phosgenismus, emphysematous gangrene, tetanus and other anaerobic bacteria infection, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral embolism, brain atrophy, brain contusion, post-traumatic brain syndrome, vegetative state (vegetative being), multiple sclerosis, inflammation of the nerve roots, myelitis, peripheral neuropathy, polyneuritis, vascular headache, vertebral-base artery blood supply deficiency, cervical spondylosis , skin grafts, replantation of a severed limb, vasculitis, arterial embolism,  refractory ulcers, aseptic necrosis of bone, poor healing of bone, chronic osteomyelitis, radioactive osteomyelitis, crush injury , postoperative nonunion of wound. idiopathic sudden deafness, facial paralysis, periodontitis, oral ulcers, uveitis, central retino-chorioditis, optic atrophy, embolism retinal artery, embolism retinal vein, diabetic foot, and so on.

       What’s the difference between hyperbaric oxygen and normobaric oxygen?

       Under normal circumstances, we take in oxygen to our lungs, and then erythrocyte carry oxygen in the blood to various parts of the body. Even though inhaling more oxygen, the oxygen content in the blood will not be happened big changes when every haemoglobin carries oxygen. What should we do if people are still oxygen-poor on this occasion? One way increasing dissolved oxygen through a physical method can solve the problem. The study found that compared to ordinary pressure (1.0 ATA), the body's partial pressure of blood oxygen can increase by nearly 14 times while breathing air in hyperbaric oxygen (2.0 ATA) environment. Under ordinary pressure, the diffusion distance of capillaries in the cerebra gray is 30μm, while under hyperbaric oxygen (3.0 ATA) environment, the diffusion distance can be increased to 100 μm. Therefore, the dissolved oxygen content in human blood and oxygen diffusion distance increases obviously under the hyperbaric oxygen so as to improve the ischemia and hypoxia condition.

       What’s the atmospheric oxygen saturation?

       It is also called medical oxygen bar using mask to achieve pure oxygen inhale in the normal pressure. Saturation oxygen is suitable for the following groups:

       Patients who need oxygen uptake but have absolute or relative contraindications. Pregnant woman: Regularly oxygen uptake can improve arterial blood oxygen content during pregnancy and is conducive to the growth and development of fetus. It has good effect to the fetal developmental delay and fetal distress especially.

       Nowadays, students are inclined to be attacked by "test syndrome", especially the candidates are ready to take the entrance exam. They are characterized by dizziness, mental tension, memory loss, unresponsive, inattention, high error rate and the decrease of the learning efficiency, etc. They are due to the brainfag after learning long time, and the direct reason is oxygen deficit. Atmospheric oxygen saturation can relieve brain fatigue quickly, make a clear mind, keep up spirit, enhance memory, etc. So the therapy probably helps students to improve their academic performance.

       Civil servants, teachers, engineers, the company white-collar workers, business people: the crowd is prone to "office syndrome” because of work stress, characterized by fatigue, dizziness, slow, poor breathing disorders, loss of appetite, insomnia, etc. Regularly saturation oxygen therapy can relieve these sub-health states and maintain energy.

       Saturation oxygen therapy is a good anti-aging method and also can prevent diseases on a regular basis. Especially for the elderly who has pulmonary diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cor-pulmonary and so on, atmospheric oxygen saturation has very good curative effect and healthy function.

       Oxygen uptake can increase the biological activity of SOD (superoxide dismutase), inhibit harmful free radicals damage in skin tissue, reduce pigmentation, nourish, ruddy and luster the skin. So regular oxygen uptake will beautify the features, and It has been very popular in Europe and the United States.

       The great physiological load of training can lead to exercise-induced damage. Atmospheric oxygen saturation can relieve fatigue, accelerate injury repair and improve their performances.

       Smoking produces a large number of harmful substances staying in the body. Oxygen uptake can reduce the harm of noxious materials to human body, speed up the process of eliminating harmful substances and purify the internal environment. It is beneficial to physical and psychological health.