Geriatric & VIP Department

       Geriatric & VIP Department was founded in 1956. After more than 50 years’development, it has been authorized as the Key Discipline of Gerontology of Sichuan Provincial in 2006 and become the greatest Geriatric Department all over china with 580 beds. It is sub-divided into 8 divi¬sions, i.e. Cardiology, respiratory, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology, Infectious disease and rehabilitation of gerontology, geriatric ICU. Every year, we receive more than 163,000 outpatients, 6300 inpatients, 2800 person-times for VIP health care and out-call rounds .

       The dept. has a faculty of 131 physicians, including 21 chief physicians, 27  associate chief physicians and 58 attending physicians, of whom 20 got doctoral degrees. In addition, 7 physicians have finished their training abroad and returned to our hospital. There are 67 physicians with Master degree, 2 of whom are appointed to be the doctoral supervisors and 15 to be the Master supervisors. Most of the staff are members of the National and (or) Provincial Academic Associations, and some of them are the reviewers or the editors of the Academic Journals.  

       The multi-disciplinary geriatric clinical working mode has been developed for years and is starting to take shape. The elderly patients will receive the personalized healthcare provided by a multi-disciplinary team which is comprised of specialists of Geriatric, Psychosomatic, Oncology, Rehabilitation, Dietitian and Pharmacologist, Geriatric nurse and Health care. Furthermore, two-way referral mode between the 126 primary hospitals and our department has been established.

       The most outstanding achievements of our department include intervention therapy of coronary arterial disease, especially the treatment of chronic total occlusion (CTO) lesion and FFR, interventional diagnosis of endocrine hypertension, Intensive care for severe case of geriatric disease, all of which rank among the most advanced level for geriatric and clinical medicine. Moreover, our successful system of health care and prophylactic management of chronic disease for elderly VIP is regarded as the perfect model for VIP care at home and abroad.

       Since the expansion of the department in 2009, great breakthroughes are made in clinical work, education as well as scientific research. Under  the guiding ideology of  centralizing medical care and Supervising scientific researches, we undertake researches of key projects of national and provincial level, totally more than 60 projects are being carried out, including the National Cadre Health Care Committee project , The 11th Five-Year Plan of the health department of China, National 863 Project etc. More than 300 research papers have been published, including more than 40 articles quoted by SCI. Several specialized books edited by our specialists have been published and some of the results of projects have been apprised and awarded. Particularly, a long term cooperative relationship with the Medical college of Utah University has been established, which benefits us a lot in the field of heart failure management and molecular biology mechanism of gerontology and genetics.

       During these periods, we have won Sichuan Province Scientific and Technological Progress Awards for six times, Sichuan Province Medical Scientific and Technological Progress Awards in 2010, and Chengdu Municipal Scientific and Technological Progress Awards twice in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

       To provide the highest quality clinical care, education, and research designed to benefit older adults, we are dedicated to building a cohesive motivated team with noble medical morality, excellent clinical service and advanced research skills. We also sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work together with the experts and scholars all over the world in the field of geriatric and gerontology research for the advancement of our specialty.