Endocrinology & Metabolism

       The speciality was established in 1978, and founded as an independent department in 1993. Our department mainly focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases, including hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal gland and gonad disorders, etc. It is one of the main bases of clinical work, scientific research and teaching in Sichuan Province. It was authenticated as one of the endocrine clinical trial sites by the State Food and Drug Administration in 2006, and certificated as the key specialty in Sichuan in 2013.

       There are 82 beds with more than 2,500 inpatients. And the number of outpatients reaches approximately 50,000 per year. Currently, it owns a team of 43 medical staffs, consisting of 16 doctors, 25 nurses (including 7 specialized nurses in diabetes and 2 nurses-in-charge), and 2 technical personnels. Among them, there are 3 staffs with Doctor’s degree and 10 staffs with Master’s degree, 6 with senior titles and 4 with deputy senior titles. The department has one Doctoral tutor and one Master instructor. And one staff was appointed as one of the academic leaders in the Sichuan province Health Department.

       In recent years, a number of new technologies have been carried out in our department, such as the islet cell transplantation with international advanced level and the techniques of wireless remote blood glucose management systems, gene research of diabetic retinopathy, non-mydriatic fundus photography, determination of body adipose, diagnosis and screening of diabetic foot disease, continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion system(CSII), continuous glucose monitoring system(CGMS), real-time display glucose monitoring system (DGMS), quick test of glycosylated hemoglobin on fingertips, quick blood ketone detection, radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid diseases, all of which are the leading techniques in China and Sichuan Province.

       Based on multidisciplinary cooperation on endocrinology and metabolism, the Diabetes Center was established in 2013, which is the largest management center for diabetes in the southwest of China. It consists of diabetic clinical diagnosis and treatment, islet cell transplantation, weight loss surgery for obese diabetes, diabetic foot disease management, community service for diabetes, health management for diabetes, and metabolic and biochemical laboratory. More than 30 experts compose the diabetic related multidisciplinary academic committee.

       In 2009, our department was authorized as the Practice Base for Johnson Diabetes College and Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Collaboration Base for Osteoporosis by the Ministry of Health. In the same year, it was approved as the Training Base for Diabetes Specialized Nurses of Sichuan Province by Sichuan Provincial Health Department, as well as the National Clinical Practice Base for the Diabetic Educator by the Chinese Diabetes Society. In 2010, our hospital was granted  Clinical Pharmacist Training Base by the Ministry of Health, meanwhile the endocrinology and metabolism department began to play the role as the training base for clinical pharmacists of endocrine metabolism specialty. The department won the honor of the national optimal practice base for diabetes educators in 2013. Besides,  our department have successfully held the national and provincial continuing education courses in the field related to diabetes and thyroid diseases.

       The dept. carried out compulsory education for diabetic patients in Sichuan Province very early, and this work has been going on for 19 years so far. Now it has multiple modes of education, including Diabetes Lecture, group education, dialogue education with pictures, one-to-one education and community education. The diabetes specialist nurses conduct education for both inpatients and outpatients, and diabetes education clinics were established. Besides, a database of diabetic patients has been set up, and designated community health service centers were founded, so as to provide a more scientific and normative management for diabetic patients. In 2013, it became one of the first diabetes education management units granted by the Chinese Medical Association.

       In the past three years, our department has more than 60 papers published at home and abroad, 11 of which were in the SCI database. We have 2 research projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and more than 10 projects were funded by the Municipal fund or Health Department fund. And 1 international cooperation project is now being carried out. In addition, 1 academic monograph was published with our department staffs as the deputy editors, and 4 academic monographs with the department staffs as participators.