Clinical Laboratory Department

       Clinical Laboratory Department was named as one of the key departments in our hospital in 1994, following by the first batch of key disciplines of medicine in Sichuan province in 1998, the first rank of leading academic discipline in Sichuan province in 2005 and the first batch of national clinical key subject in 2010. Our department has seven professional laboratories, including clinical biochemical laboratory, clinical immunological laboratory, routine test laboratory, clinical microbiological laboratory, molecular biological laboratory, emergency laboratory and department of blood transfusion. It is also the center for clinical laboratory, quality control of clinical laboratory and clinical blood transfusion of Sichuan province and the key laboratory of Sichuan province for human disease gene research.

       The department is composed of 174 staff. There are 2 academic technology leaders of Sichuan province, 4 academic leaders of Sichuan province health department, 2 experts who enjoy the special subsidy of the State Council, 2 outstanding experts of Sichuan province, 17 professors, 16 associate professors, 23 technicians in charge, 16 medical doctors, 28 medical masters, 3 tutors of postgraduate candidates and 8 master student advisers, showing that a talented and specialized team has been established.

       Our department is a modern laboratory covering an area of 3500 square meters, which has international advanced testing equipment of more than 60 million RMB   including Abbott assembly line for biochemical analysis, Sysmex assembly line for blood cell analysis, gene sequencing analyzer, flow cytometry, laser confocal microscopy system and so on. About 550 test items are carried out for routine diagnosis at present. Our department acquired medical laboratory accreditation to ISO 15189 in 2009 and have made great progress in the following years, which has made the quality and management reach international advanced level and got favorable comments by outstanding experts in the area of clinical laboratory. The laboratory passed the evaluation of national clinical key subject granting 5 million RMB for its cultivation in 2010, acceptance reports smoothly in 2014. Through these efforts, the management and service levels have been greatly improved.

       Our department focuses on scientific research and has several domestic advanced research fields. In recent ten years, we have obtained one National Outstanding Youth Fund, one key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one sub-project of national 863 and 973 project, 23 National Natural Science Foundations of China, two international co-operation projects, one project of Thousand Talents, one project of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two sub-projects of National Scientific and Technological Issues and 73 ministerial or provincial level projects.  

       Nearly 400 scientific articles were published on professional academic journals. Among these, 80 SCI papers were published on SCI journal including the New England Journal of Medicine and Science Journal. We have applied 8 patents and 6 approved. Meanwhile, 8 works have been edited, two ministerial and one national standard as compiler, one award of  the first class Chinese medical science and technology, two awards of the first and second class Sichuan province science and technology respectively, one award of the third class Chinese medical science and technology, 7 awards of progress of science and technology in Sichuan province, and two awards of progress of science and technology in Chengdu city, 6 authenticated items of scientific and technological achievements at ministerial or provincial level. All these contributions promoted the development of the subject and improved the level of clinical laboratory in china.  

       Our laboratory also pays special attention to introduction and training of the talent and participation of academic activities. In recent ten years, four oversea experts and more than 30 medical doctors or masters were introduced into our team. More than 20 staffs were sent to USA, Germany and other countries for exchanges of experience and learning. And more than ten young staffs were assigned to domestic or oversea medical university for further study. Many experts from all over the world were invited to give lectures, and more than 20 continued education programs at national or provincial level were performed, almost 500 staffs were sent to participate in the domestic and international academic activities.

       Our department is also responsible for quality surveillance and technical guidance of clinical laboratory, introduction and evaluation of new technology and method, personnel training, consulting and scientific research in Sichuan province. In recent 10 years, nearly 100 training courses in Sichuan province were performed and more than 25000 staff from different clinical laboratory were trained. More than 350 clinical laboratories at different levels across Sichuan province obtained technique support and on-site guidance through experts sent by us.

       Our department also undertakes postgraduate and medical education, scholar student and intern doctor training and standardization training of resident doctor. In recent ten years, we established a post-doctoral scientific research work station and trained 5 post-doctors, and 28 medical masters and doctors graduated from joint training with University of Electronic Science and technology, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chongqing Medical University, Sichuan University, Luzhou Medical College. We also received more than 1300 scholar and intern students. At the end of 2007, our department was approved as a standardization training base for resident doctor by Sichuan province health department and 23 resident doctors had been trained. All the achievements contributed to training of the talents in clinical laboratory in Sichuan province.

        In recent years, under the strong support of the leadership and the joint efforts of all staffs in our laboratory, oriented at serving patients and doctors and powered by the thoughts that excellent clinical service can be promoted by outstanding scientific research findings, we have achieved great development in quality of test items, service ability, the level of scientific research and teaching, which has made progress of health undertakings in our province.