Cardiovascular Ultrasound & Non-invasive Cardiology Departm

Discipline Construction

       Department of Cardiovascular Ultrasound and Non-invasive Cardiology is a class A key discipline in Sichuan (Ultrasound Medicine), including Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, Quality Control Center of Ultrasound Medicine in Sichuan, Key Laboratory of Ultrasound in Cardiac Electrophysiology Biomechanics of Sichuan, Collaboration Research Laboratory of Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute, also recognized as medical image postdoctoral working station in Sichuan, cardiology and medical image master and Ph.D discipline.

Clinical Service

       The main clinical services of the dept. include ultrasonic diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, internal medicine diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases, routine electrocardiogram, treadmill electrocardiogram, routine and remote Holter, routine ambulatory blood pressure exam in patients with all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and systemic diseases.

       With international and domestic leading cardiovascular ultrasound and electrical techniques, the dept. could perform routine diagnostic and therapeutic  cardiovascular ultrasound, complete cardiovascular function evaluation, fetal echocardiography, echocardiographic monitor in interventional and surgical therapy, emergency bedside echocardiography, 3D transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, intracardiac echocardiography, contrast echocardiography, stress echocardiography, ultrasonic speckle tracking imaging, ultrasonic velocity vector imaging, exercise stress electrocardiogram on international and domestic leading level.

       In 2013, cardiovascular ultrasound was performed in more than 100,000 cases, electrocardiogram and cardiac function assessment was performed in more than 300,000 cases.

Technical Team and Academic Status

       The dept. is equipped with a team of personnel with relatively stable, reasonable age and degree, appropriate research directions, and strong development and innovation capability. There are 73 persons, including 4 chief physicians, 4 associate physicians, 10 physicians, 3 postdoctoral researchers, and 2 postdoctoral fellows. Staff members are ultrasonic medicine master's tutors, doctoral and postdoctoral mentors of cardiovascular internal medicine and medical image processing. More than 5000 professional and technical personnel, and more than 40 graduate students and post-doctors were trained in the department last years. On behalf of the Chinese Medical Association, the staff members had been Tibetan autonomous many times to train more than 200 ultrasonic medical professional and technical personnel.  

       There are young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution of the national ministry of health, academic and technical leaders of Sichuan province, academic and technical backup leaders of Sichuan province, experts with special allowance of the national state council, academic and technical leaders of Sichuan provincial health bureau, advanced workers of Sichuan province, outstanding entrepreneurial talent of Sichuan province, excellent overseas individual of Sichuan province, and outstanding electrocardiology scholar of China in the department. Many honors had been obtained, including "ZhaoYi electrocardiology award", "21st century outstanding electrocardiology award", and "Chinese electrocardiogram special contribution award".

       The academic leaders including the initial faculty and executive board member of Asia-pacific association of echocardiography, vice president of ultrasound medicine college of Chinese Medical Association ( and director of echocardiography group ), vice president of ultrasound doctor college of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, vice director of echocardiography committee of cardiovascular physician college of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, standing committee member of medical image management center of Chinese Hospital Association, member of cardiovascular imaging group of cardiovascular college of Chinese Medical Association, president of ultrasound medicine society of Sichuan Medical Association, president of ultrasound medicine division of Sichuan Medical Doctor Association, vice president of Chinese Electrocardiology Center, director of complicated electrocardiogram society of Chengdu, director of Sichuan electrocardiogram society and standing committee member of Chinese Holter Society. There are deputy chief editor of journal of ultrasound imaging of Chinese Medical Association, deputy chief editor of ultrasound medicine channel of the Medical Information Daily of the National Ministry of Health, and editor of journal of electrocardiology in the department.

       There are reviewers of national 863 project, national natural science foundation and national science and technology awards in the department. There are member of judge committee of Sichuan, judge of the 100-talent program of Sichuan and talents program of Chengdu, member of health technology group of review committee of academic and technical leaders and backup leaders in Sichuan, reviewer of science and technology development award of Sichuan province and director of medical image group of senior technical titles committee of health series in Sichuan in the department.

       There are 6 persons who has been cardiovascular research fellow or visiting scholar of Mayo Clinic in USA, research and development consultant of Medtronic Inc. CRM of USA, visiting scholar of ultrasound research institute of Thomas Jefferson University in USA, visiting scholar of cardiovascular department of Queen Mary Hospital in university of Hong Kong and Prince of Wales Hospital of Chinese university of Hong Kong in the department. Two staff members hold registrated license of RPVI physicians and RCDS technician of USA.

Instrument and Equipment

       There are international first-class hardware facilities in the department of cardiovascular ultrasound and noninvasive cardiology, including 14 Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems ( top equipment of the world including SC2000, IE33 ELITE, VIVID7, Aplio and Sequioa512 etc.), 3 transesophegeal echocardiography diagnostic systems, several ultrasonic image workstations on international leading level including FOURSIGHT TEE VIEW、Q-LAB、Echo-Pac、VFM and Research Arena VVI, 2 Treadmill ECG machine, more than 100 routine electorcardiogram machine, routine and remote Holter and ambulatory blood pressure machine in the department. The total value of the instrument and equipment was more than 40,000,000 yuan.

Integral Level

       The physicians of the dept. have a good command of relevant professional and technical knowledge and skills, hold corresponding qualification registration certificate, and could deal with clinical important and complicated diseases independently and carry out the following clinical advanced technology: intracardiac echocardiography, ultrasonic tissue Doppler imaging, ultrasonic speckle tracking imaging, ultrasonic velocity vector imaging, real-time 3D transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, ultrasound guiding intervention and surgical therapy, and contrast echocardiography etc.

       The team are experienced and skilled in the field of cardiovascular ultrasound and cardiac function. The whole team has a wealth of experience, and strong ability of dealing with difficult and critically diseases. The accuracy of diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critically patients is more than 90% with a high reputation in Sichuan province, southwest of China, and throughout the country. The experts in the department have often been invited to participate in consultation and discussion of difficult and critical diseases in Sichuan province, Southwest of China, and throughout the country. The professional characteristics are significant, and the basic and clinical research findings of ultrasound cardiac electrophysiology, biomechanics of the cardiovascular system, and arteriosclerosis plaque mechanical stability has reached domestic and international leading level.

Scientific Research Achievements and Academic Communication

       The dept. is the earliest department in the world to conduct basic research on ultrasound cardiac electrophysiology. Ultrasonic mapping and quantitative evaluation methods of transmural electro-mechnics mapping, cardiac conduction system anatomy and function mapping, intracardiac ultrasound guidance of direct His bundle pacing and precise ablation of AV node, and a series of systematical original innovational results in international advanced level have been created firstly, including integrative multi-dimensional multi-parameter fused imaging, blood flow mapping of heart cavity and fluid-solid dynamic evaluation system, heart model of large mammals in vitro, contrast ultrasound of tumor sentinel lymph node, and cardiac matrix observation platform. This laid a solid foundation for achieving physiological cardiac electrophysiology interventional diagnosis and treatment, which results in great social and economic benefits. In recent years, seven relevant state-level scientific research projects and more than 30 ministerial (province) scientific research projects have been undertaken.

       Part of the research results have achieved three first class award in science and technology development of Sichuan province, three third class award in science and technology development of Sichuan province, one third class award in science and technology of Chinese Medicine, and one third award in science and technology develpoment of Chengdu. Seven national patents and two software copyright registration have been declared and five patents have been authorized.

       In recent years, they have edited the first major monograph of ultrasound cardiac electrophysiology and the audio-visual material in this field firstly. They mainly translated a foreign academic masterpiece of echocardiography ultimate guidelines. They have also edited 18 monographs in China and internationally. More than 200 articles including more than 30 articles have been cited by SCI and EI and more than 150 articles in journals of Chinese Medical Association have been published.

       They have organized the 12th Asia-Pacific Doppler echocardiography conference in 2007, the first Asia-Pacific echocardiography association inaugural meeting in 2013, Sino-Korean echocardiography seminars in 2014, and served as chairman of the conferences. The principal investigators have been invited to give more than 30 academic presentations and lectures or as chairperson of the international academic conferences, the international bureau member, director of the academic committee member, director of the organizing committee, guest of the meeting and project experts, and meeting moderator in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Turkey, Burma, Indonesia, headquarters of the famous international medical equipment company and university medical center. In recent years, they have organized or undertaken national academic conferences more than 10 times and academic conferences and workshops at the provincial level 10 times, and served as chairman of the conferences.