Anesthesiology Department

The dept. was established in 1957 named as anesthesia group. Then anesthesiology professional department was built in 1979. After more than 50 years’ development, the dept. has become a second degree subject& first degree clinic department which combined clinical anesthesia and pain clinicspecialty. Now there are 55 operation rooms, 3 postanesthesia care units (PACU) with 28 beds, 66 professional doctors, of whom 15 obtained senior professional title and 21obtained intermediate professional title. 80% of them obtained master degree or above. There are 21 nurses, of whom 1 obtained senior professional title and 5 obtained intermediate professional title. In recent years, many doctors have been sent to different countries and regions in batches to do research and study, such as America, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore. In 2014, the dept. has finished around 30,000 operations, and the number of anesthesia outpatient undertaking painless treatment reaches 24,000.

The dept. is a team full of passion and team work spirit. It focused on development of clinic, teaching and research. It is equipped with advanced anesthesia equipment, monitoring equipment ( such as anaesthetic gas monitor, bispectral index monitor, Target controlled infusion pump series, TOF-watch, extracorporeal circulation unit and so on), Hemodynamic monitoring equipment and variable visual technical equipment (such as ultrasonic generator, glidescope, fiberbronchoscope and so on). The dept. is under strict and standard management, adopts system of Attending Doctor in Charge, sets up subspecialty, builds up echelon personnel, thus it can apply anaesthesia to critical and different types of operation, such as organ transplantation, cardiac surgery,

neurologicalsurgery, interventional operation and so on. In the meanwhile, many specific treatments are also developed by the department, such as painless gastrointestinal endoscopy, painless labor, acute and chronicpain clinic (please refer to introduction of department of pain clinic for details). As clinical teaching base for anesthesiology subject of postgraduate, Sichuan medical science colleges, and standardized training base for resident doctors, the dept. conducts teaching task to over 40 interns and over 20 postgraduate students and standardization-training residents every year. At the same time, it also absorbs 30 refresher doctors on average to take further study every year. The dept. is authenticated by national medicine clinical trial institution, and takes several relative clinical medicine trials every year. It set up a scientific research management system. At present, the department is researching tens of provincial subjects and finished tens of research papers every year, of which some were included in SCI and Medline.

The dept. held national and provincial continued medical education programs many times and undertook provincial annual academic conference. It was awarded as  training bases of national pediatric anesthesia, Sichuan provincial intravenous anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia skill. It also held national training classes and received high praise from the medical field.

The dept. mainly focuses on monitoring and regulating basic life function of patients, and always sticks to the theory of “safety and quality first”. All staff work hard and are energetic. They are willing to be guardians of patients and try their best to ensure life safety during each patient’s perioperative period.